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This tutorial is about making a little shape that creates a lot of reflections inside. With holes on every angle for light and a little window to see through, you can watch this infinity proces in your hand! The idea came from watching infinity mirror video's and trying to think of any variation on them. Hope you like it! :)

Step 1: Make or Order the 3mm Lasercut Acrylic Mirror Parts

Picture of Make or Order the 3mm Lasercut Acrylic Mirror Parts
Screen Shot 2019-03-15 at 10.41.13.png

i made a vector drawing and made an order online to lasercut these shapes from 3mm acrylic sheet mirror. Once received, we can start! :)

FullOArts22 days ago
Should the thickness be 1/8 or 1/16th of an inch?
judas792 months ago
A human size meditation room like this, would be awesome. Very cool.
JoopB1 (author)  judas791 month ago
wow!! that would be mind bending! you know the infinity room of Yayoi Kosama? you would love it! :)
DanielR547 made it!1 month ago
I had to cut the pentagons myself so the final poduct didn't really fit correctly but the inside was amazing. Thanks for such a wonderful project!
Pentagon mirror1.jpegPentagon mirror 2.jpeg
JoopB1 (author)  DanielR5471 month ago
WoWowow! so cool you made one! i think you maybe need a little more distance between the 2 scoring lines. Should be 2mm of spacing, when you used 3mm acrylic sheet mirror :) At least it worked out over here :-) you are very close to infinity! :D
craftyv3 months ago
How many mirror pieces please?
JoopB1 (author)  craftyv3 months ago
template is in the project! with the correct amount of pieces :)
CoGuraQuien3 months ago
I was wondering where you ordered the acrylic mirrors and got them cut?
XTL CoGuraQuien3 months ago
Ponoko has mirror acrylic in silver, bronze, or gold (depending on your location)
JoopB1 (author)  CoGuraQuien3 months ago
Hi, i got the job done at a dutch online laser cutting service over here:
jeanniel13 months ago
I love how you did this in 3 easy steps! Thanks for sharing - and be sure that the mirrored acrylic are not laminated mirrored surfaces - as I've found even with lasercutting the mirrored laminate peels off. Best to get a high quality mirrored acrylic.
JoopB1 (author)  jeanniel13 months ago
thank you for your comment! :) I haven’t experienced the peeling off yet, but i can imagine that more 'budget friendly’ type of mirrors wouldn’t really appreciate the heat from the laser. Thanks for the tip!
herojig3 months ago
What an interesting instructable! The first thing I though of was a paper I read in school - amazing easy to google up: I was also wondering if what I was looking at could be defined by math, and what would that look like. Is it an optical illusion, or are we looking at part of the reality code, aka Klee Irwin and the folks over at Quantum Gravity Research. Just a thought :)
JoopB1 (author)  herojig3 months ago
oh my god, you go deeeeeeep into theory behind this visual proces. I never dived in to this, more a practical trial and error kind a person but thank you for the links! :)
AshishT623 months ago
Beautiful !!!
I always wanted to make something like this. The mirrors you used are First Surface Mirrors right?
JoopB1 (author)  AshishT623 months ago
nice to hear that you want to make one! I used 3mm thick acrylic mirror, not first surface mirrors although the effect would be extra amazing in that case! I noticed that with the acrylic, the bigger you make the pentagons, the better the visual experience will be :)
Salamyman3 months ago
I like it! It's like a legal drug. Drink a beer and look through this - it'll have the desired effect.
JoopB1 (author)  Salamyman3 months ago
hihi i got lost in the visual effect quite some times :D
CarlJ503 months ago
Wow, fantastic project, thank you for the time you took to document and share it. The Eye of Providence was a nice touch in the video.
JoopB1 (author)  CarlJ503 months ago
Haha! Amazing! i didn’t even realised it! :P Thank you!
Gadisha3 months ago
Wow, cool, very nice effect!
Not very hard to make either once you have the mirror parts.
JoopB1 (author)  Gadisha3 months ago
Thank you very much! :) it is a very easy DIY project indeed! :)