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Picture of Human Stamp Roller

Overview: A few years ago, a staff member at Boston Children's Museum sent around this Facebook video. It’s a pretty absurd looking scene; the video shows a gaggle of kids rolling each other around in a giant barrel. Simultaneously, the barrel stamps shapes onto a huge piece of paper. Our STEAM education team loved the video so much that we decided to turn it into reality.

For this activity, building the Human Stamp Roller is half the fun. If you feel comfortable doing so, put kids to work with cardboard saws and glue guns. Once the Stamp Roller is ready to go, you've got hours of printing ahead of you!

Skills focus:

  • Envisioning
  • Creative expression
  • 2D and 3D design
  • Persistence
  • Tool use
  • Collaboration

Recommended ages: all ages

Estimated project time: 1 hour to make the Stamp Roller; kids can play with it for hours!

Step 1: Assemble Materials

Picture of Assemble Materials

To create the Human Stamp Roller, gather and assemble: hot glue guns, hot glue sticks, cardboard saws, pool noodles, and your large cardboard drum.

AnandM5412 days ago
So colourful to kids..... really they enjoy it...
I love this! Such an awesome idea and fun and exciting activity for kids!
Gadisha14 days ago
Seems like a lot of fun :)
What a fun project for kids!