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Picture of How to print colour to a fishing lure
Painting lures is much easier if you don't know how. I dont, but I have a printer that can.

Here I'll be describing how to get the most out of your normal old 2D printer by asking it to make handmade fishing lures, instead of whatever it is you do with your printer at the moment. I wont be describing the carving of the blank or adding a bib and wire loops. That would run to 50 pages or so.

You can buy bibs, tow points, and screw in wire loops from good tackle stores, and glue them in place, or you can make them yourself with wire and bits of plastic.

This instructable will be all about adding professional colour to your lures.

Step 1: You will need...

-A printer
-A sheet of paper
-A lure blank (you can use a bit of a tree and make it look a bit more like a lure than it did before, or just buy one)
-Some wood glue
-A toothpick
-Some marine grade varnish (or two part epoxy clear coat. (I'll be using varnish))
-Fine grade sandpaper

This will be a rather plain example here so you can see how good it will look, even though it wont be too complicated. I'll also keep it plain so as not to distract from the method.

I'll not be too fussed about any minor errors. Seeing some errors and seeing just how little they matter on the finished lure gave me a stack of confidence, and allowed me to tackle more complex designs and lure shapes.

If you make one it will look great, and be really easy.

I promise!
BullwinkleII (author) 6 years ago
There is a more complete treatment of the process, with loads more photos and video at ...
foobear6 years ago
It seems like this technique could be good for applying a printed paint job to other oddly shaped objects. I like it, thanks!
BullwinkleII (author)  foobear6 years ago
Thanks for commenting.

My original brief to myself was something like "learn how to make stuff" and was all about trying to apply a professional finish to whatever it was I was making.

I probably should have called this instructable something like "How to make shiny things" :)
lilchumy5 years ago
Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing. I need votes for the hunter gatherer contest. Thanks so much!
lilchumy5 years ago
Nice, please check out my guide on bass fishing. I need votes for the hunter gatherer contest. Thanks so much!
This is awesome! Who would have ever thought of such a simple creative technique?!
eyesee6 years ago
BullwinkleII (author)  eyesee6 years ago
jlyvers7436 years ago
A wonderful Indestructible! I will be making some of these. I was always intimidated by airbrushing a carved lure. Ta-Da, no need to with your indestructible. I think I will design it with a scale pattern and then when cutting it for overlapping layers the scales will overlap nicely.....I think. :) Thank you for posting!
It looks like a caterpillar right before it turns into a butterfly. I love it.
BullwinkleII (author)  shaneblomberg6 years ago

The one my mum made looks like a cute alien cartoon character :)