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Picture of How to make a spoon catapult
This project is pretty simple, you just get right supplies and follow our directions and you'll have a cool catapult! We did this project because it seemed like it is a fun, creative thing to do. Also, it seemed like it would take the right amount of time to do. Not to short, not to long.

                                                                            Supplies needed
                                                                             9 popsicle sticks
                                                                             1 plastic spoon
                                                                              Hot glue
                                                                              Thin rubber bands
                                                                              2 binder clips (Right picture)
                                                                              A hand ful of clothes pin (Middle picture)

Step 1: Before you get started. . . . .

Get all supplies set up and ready to go. Make sure you have everything we listed.

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I agree with you. I have been waiting for someone to post something that is true about this website. thank you Erdddddddssdfghgfds1 (even though that is a weird name).

gluestick147 years ago
This is a really cool instructable I think that I wouldn't be able to do it but it still looks cool!
a.pearce167 years ago
It could be a little more descriptive, but ovarall I think it is the best homemade catapult I have seen
Zenmaster267 years ago
does it matter on the spoon you have?
pearcemoore1234 (author)  Zenmaster267 years ago
no, but plastic spoons stay on better.
Butterbeer7 years ago
looks hard but the final result picture looks cool!