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Picture of How to make a cheap bottle top spinner
Here is my first ever instructable post.  I have seen bottle tops made into spinners/rattle lures and fancied having a go myself.  However, I could see a few additions or improvements I could make to keep the cost even lower!  Everything I use for making the lure is found or recycled.  The only thing I purchased to make my first effort was the treble hook.  When using hooks, always use new ones that are still sharp pointed.  As hooks are used, they lose their sharpness.  Having a sharp pointed hook will prevent "missed" bites as the hook is more likely to hook the fish.
Most of the videos and instructions I have seen are American and reference the lure as a Bass lure.  But good news for us Brits! They work for our Pike and Perch too!

Step 1: Materials To Make Your Ultra cheap pike lure

Picture of Materials To Make Your Ultra cheap pike lure
Here are the materials needed for the lure itself:
1 x Treble hook - brand new with nice sharp points and barbs
1 x Sea fishing swivel (Found on a beach still connected to line)
3 x Sea fishing beads (Found on a beach)
2 x split rings (found on a beach - but can be brought cheaply on ebay)
2 x AA lead free fishing shot - previously used (closed) on a river fishing outing.  Pulled from line and kept
1 x Beer bottle top (Beer enjoyed first! This top is from a bottle of Cobra I drank at my local Indian Restaurant)

PaintB4L6 years ago
if you have some old shotgun shells laying around that are old and unsafe to fire you could take them apart especially if its birdshot also you could salvage it from a target that you shot i think this might work because its smaller
The colour of the bottle cap adds to your luck as well LOL I have had more strikes with red 'Budwiser' caps than the silver & blue of the 'Coors' caps.......for larger game fish it is better to use wire throughout.Attach wire to hook and slide into one hole in cap then add beads or tiny brass washers(think broken watch parts) or even spring from ball point pen before sliding it out the other hole.The combination of spring and bead gives out a very 'attractive' noise when retrieved in a jerk-wait-jerk-wait manner.Also consider tiny ball bearings from broken toys lol they make quite loud clicking as they roll over the cap edges.
i bet this would work on aussie bass too!
well done :)
netneo (author)  AussieAnglerGal7 years ago
There's only one way to find out! Get down the pub and down a couple of bottled beers and see what you can make!