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A USB sound card is an external adapter for mics or other audio devices to prevent the pickup of unwanted noise from your computers power,fan or hard disk.

This one can be used only for recording.

Watch the video for better understanding

To make a usb soundcard, you'll need:

  1. An old but working webcam that has a mic
  2. A plastic box
  3. A 100K Potentiometer
  4. A 6.5mm socket.

Please don't any this without an adults supervision.

Step 1: Webcam

Start by opening up the webcam

Once open, pry open the circuit board and remove it from the housing Locate the microphone and the pins that its soldered to Heat up the pins and desolder the mic strip 2 thin wires and connect them to the mic pins point on the circuit board Solder them in place push the insulation as far upto the board as possible to avoid a short circuit snip off the excess ends of the wire Strip 2 thicker wires and connect them to the thin wires. Now solder them in place. Make Sure you dont use copper wire for any of this.

AMIREX3 years ago

Greeting, This is so cool! Thanx...

Kal0uZ4 years ago

Hi! Thanks for this idea.

I'll try to realize this instructable but i've a question before.

How to adapt the impedance between the old mic you unmount and the sources that you could plug on the new 6.35 connector?

Hope you'll understand my idea. English is not my birth language as you could read.

Many thanks.


seamster4 years ago

Cool, thanks for sharing this!