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Picture of How to make a Transformers Decepticons:
One of the coolest transformers from the G1 generation, Soundwave was the man.. er.. Bot! 
I made this costume for one of my friends in order for him to join in our Transformers lineup.

*A very special shout-out to instructable members: dannyeurena and Incxtc for their previous Transformers tutorials as theirs were the the foundation for my Transformers creations. I used some of his ideas, referenced the Masterpiece Transformers figure, and added some of my own flare to it.

Here are their amazing tutorials:


*this costume is very time consuming

*This costume is very hot

*this costume will create a very big mess


-lots of cardboard

- lots of hot glue

-masking tape

-clear plexiglass

-old shoes

-shoe laces

-comic cardboard

-wood planks

-Various soda caps

-black gloves

-black leggings

- black long sleeve tshirt

Let’s get started!

Step 1: Feet

Picture of Feet
1.Take your shoes and remove the laces (save laces for later). it is good to use low tops for these shoes. Cut further along the tongue of the shoe, because you need to be able to get a drill all the way to the toe part of the shoe.  (pic 1)

2. Then, take your exacto knife and cut across the width of foot sole where the ball of your foot is.. The easiest way I found out is to bend your foot forward a bit with the shoe on, and that way you can see where the shoe naturally bends.  This is because when you walk, your shoe needs to “give” a bit so that it can bend while walking. (pic 2)

3. Now, get your 2x4 and use a saw (or get it cut) into the following 2 shapes. (pic 3)

4. Take 4 slender pieces of wood ( about 1 inch thick, and however long your two pieces are)and drill them underneath so that you are even more elevated. (pic 4)

5.Place your shoe on the two pieces so that the “cut” of the shoe sole is right in between the two pieces of wood. (pic 5)

6. Due to the notion that the two pieces of wood are on either side of the cut in the shoe sole, your robot foot should naturally bend when you walk, (pic 6)

7. At this point, take out the pad inside the shoe.  Take your screws and drill inside the shoe directly into the wood. I used 3 screws for the front of the shoe and 4 for the back piece.   Replace pad into your shoe so that your foot is not directly on the screws. replace the shoe laces.
CloudNucleus4 months ago
i made the tape deck. im so proud :)
SpicyPandaCreations (author)  CloudNucleus4 months ago
Now that’s awesome!!! Looking good!!

I'm in awe, these costumes are amazing!