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Picture of How to make a DIY Bass lure binder
For those who watch fishing shows you know that some of the pro's have binders upon binders full of plastic baits. I priced these kits at Walmart and outfitters and small ones cost up to $30.00. Here's an easy Instructable on how to make these from things around the house. If you don't have the plastic cover pages go to your local dollar store and purchase them cheap.

Step 1: Slits to Insert the Bait

Picture of Slits to Insert the Bait
I had a nice binder and some plastic sheets from college at home and decided to make a bass binder. I first found a long serated knife from our kitchen and heated the stove to max. I heated the knife up and melted the plastic page in the center so it would make two compartments, big enough to hold soft plastic bait bags they're sold in. The plastic sheets I had were sold with holes on the wide side, opposite to the holes in my binder so I actually had to melt 2 different seams for mine. I then had to punch new holes with a 3-hole punch.
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Great idea for seed packets, too, thank you! For organizing another way I just posted this: