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Step 3: Helmet: part 1

Picture of Helmet: part 1

The mask takes the longest time, but worth it if you can handle the pressure. so you first make your traditional crown helmet of cardboard. Link found below in the blog “How to make a Darkseid costume.”

(Image 1)
Once you have your cardboard crown, glue the hockey mask onto the front (pic C). From there, start with putting cardboard on the sides of the helmet. (pic D). If you can do this with one solid piece of cardboard per side, more power to you, if you use several pieces, that is fine too. Make sure you build past your ears, because you will need a reference point to finish the back of the helmet. At this point, you want to carefully cut the mask in half, just past your ear, which will give you a front and back (pic E). lastly, finish the back half with cardboard to cover up the back of your head (pic F). When you put it together, it should completely cover your head.