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Jumpstyle is a type of dancing developed in Belgium from a type of kicking martial arts. It is now practiced primarily in Europe mainly the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, and France. Jumpstyle refers to both the dance and the music which the dance is usually done too, though it does not need this specific type of music. Jumpstyle, or simply "jump" as it is often referred to, does require fast paced dance music with a tempo around 140 and 150 Beats per Minute (BPM) to be done fluidly. 

Jumpstyle is composed of two basic steps the basis, and tricks. Tricks are complicated and vary depending on individuals, no specific tricks need to be included.

CAUTION: Jumpstyle can cause high stress on knee joints.

Step 1: Finding Music

Picture of Finding Music
To Jumpstyle properly it should be done to specific music.
To find this music the simplest way is to search for "jumpstyle music" or "hardstyle music".

NOTE: Any dance music with a heavy base drum, and a tempo of 140 to 150 BPM will suffice to jump to. The variety of this music quite extensive so music can be found to taste. 
NOTE: A popular starting song for learning to jump is found on this page of youtube:
Faxk4 years ago

Man this is hard but awesome at least its fun im keep doing it until i get it STAMP ON THE GROUND :D

Stamp on the Ground actually has its very own dance. I can't give you any information on where to find the moves other than watching and learning but it's pretty advanced as well.

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