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Picture of How to water bottle flip perfectly every time.
The tips and tricks to flip a water bottle better than anyone you know.

Step 1: Getting the supplies...

Picture of Getting the supplies...
All you need is a plastic water bottle full of water.
cyue284 months ago
I got a 43 flip in a row record
Paradox rider9 months ago
Excuse Mr. , would it be alright of you we need some questions about date of publication and stuff like that. I'm do I g a project about scientific message and we have to fill out a research paper. Thanks
same problem here!
How do you know when you have to much water or not enough
MAXIMUS312 years ago


Cool_Claud (author)  MAXIMUS311 year ago

Not sure what the hype kids do this all the time. They started watching others do it on YouTube and saw kids do it with other stuff too. Markers, pens, dry erase markers, and even CRAYONS! crazy!

Not sure what the hype is...I saw this kid do a crayon! Yes a crayon, a glue stick, a marker, but a CRAYON! REALLY?!!! Crazy!

tristonap0103 made it!2 years ago

its cool I made it on the cap thanks for your help

Cool_Claud (author)  tristonap01032 years ago

tristonap0103 no problem!

NebulaIX2 years ago

How about a "How to get a water bottle flip on the lid"? Great work!

Cool_Claud (author)  NebulaIX2 years ago

great idea. Now I know what to make next!

SherylinRM2 years ago

aha, I knew there was a "trick" to this trick lol.

Thanks for this :)

Cool_Claud (author) 2 years ago

Djjsjd that's great!

Djjsjd2 years ago

Fun trick. I hope that you will post more cool projects in the future.

DIY Hacks and How Tos thank you for the great feedback!

Cool_Claud (author) 2 years ago

thanks guys! I will definetly make more instructables!?

Yes I hope the same