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Picture of How to Sew a Fairy Dress

As per usual I started my renaissance prep a few months early. I decided this year to sew a dress instead of making armor for the fest because August is the one month in Minnesota where heat is actually a problem. I decided to make a dress inspired by fairy craft. I wanted my character to be a cheap jack who takes items she likes and collects them, so I decided to sew a bunch of random objects into my dress.

This dress was made out of only two yards of fabric I bought at Joann's, and recycled lace/fabric/trinkets that I found at thrift stores or family members gave to me.

Surprisingly this build only took 2 days to make, and cost me only $25

Step 1: Materials

-2 yards of a base fabric for the skirt and bodice

-A hell of a lot of scrap lace/fabric

-Random trinkets...I.E. glass, books, buttons, feathers, keys, gloves etc.

-Iron on lining

-Rivets/gramets/whatever they are called.


-Duct tape and aluminum foil for patterning.

Very nice. re: the book spine, you might want to edit how you rinsed it, or people will wonder about the source of the warm water.

Swansong2 years ago

That's adorable! I'm excited to see how the wings come out :)