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Picture of How to set up a special event
I will be teaching you to set up a room for a special event! I take you from a simple Banquet Event Order sheet through the full execution of the set up! This information is the most important information needed to make the upcoming event a success in the eyes of the host!

Step 1: Banquet Event Order (BEO)

Picture of Banquet Event Order (BEO)
Before you begin you must study the BEO. It will outline the upcoming events specific details.
Date, time, host, type of function, room set up, table set up, timeline, food and beverages.
Reading the BEO is the only way to know how to prepare and execute the event.
JonnyMi5 months ago
Excellent post, we will soon have important events and we didn’t quite know how to organize our event correctly. now we will know, and we can safely plan our event which will be in December. Thanks for you, for saving our time.
MangultH1 year ago

Being in the events industry myself, I sometimes have to help my party organizers to manage their timelines a little bit. Not a lot of people know exactly what they are getting into when they are trying to plan a special event of a party so it's good to find some resources online like this that will help take care of all the catering equipment , the furniture and even the food that's going to have to come together to make the event a successful one! Without one, it would surely be a lot of things to keep track off with a very high potential to have things mess up!

NancyF791 year ago

As I was watching the video, I was wondering how many people are typically involved in setting up the room. Also, how long would it take to set up a room that is the size of the one in the video?

swmoore1 year ago

Where does the wine glass go when the water glass is already above the knife? Adding a video on how to fold the napkins would be a great addition. Also, how to make some of your fun and easy centerpieces would be a great addition to your channel. Good work!

Wow. That is a bit more involved that I would have thought. It gives me a little more respect for event planners.

C1one1 year ago

Really cool setups! Does the price go up quite a bit when adding chair covers? Also, the chairs in the last picture look like they had a very nice back, is that a special order, i.e. does the company own all the different chairs or rent out if they need something atypical?