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Picture of How to Set Up a Fishing Pole for Salt Water Fishing

Welcome and Purpose

Fishing is one of America's favorite past times. It is a source of entertainment as well as a way to catch food. It is important for everyone to know how to properly set up a fishing pole to fish, whether it be a youth just learning, or a first time adult. Today, I am going to ask you to follow the steps provided while setting up a fishing pole for salt water fishing. This type of fishing pole and instruments will be best used for bay fishing in a calm current. The goal is to see how simple or challenging you find the given instructions. I appreciate you testing this instruction set.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Your name will not be used or reported in the data collected from the evaluation.
  • This is not an assessment of you, but the instructions you have been given to follow.
  • Have fun!


The essential tools needed to perform this task include:

  1. Rod - at least six foot
  2. Reel - The line is already spooled through the reel
  3. Additional spool of fishing line
  4. Barrel Weight - one ounce
  5. Swivel
  6. Hook
  7. Clippers or scissors

Please complete each step in chronological order.

Step 1: Locate Reel Seat

Picture of Locate Reel Seat

To locate the reel seat:

  1. Set the bottom of the rod in your lap.
  2. Locate the "lip" toward the bottom of the pole.
  3. Face it away from you.
  4. There will be a divot in the pole.
  5. You have found the reel seat.
tomatoskins2 years ago

Great information! I love fishing!

tkc010 (author)  tomatoskins2 years ago

Thank you! I hope this helps.

bgipson12 years ago
One suggestion recommend to use fingnail clippers to trim or cut the line close instead of a box cutter thanks
tkc010 (author)  bgipson12 years ago

Thank you for the feedback! We ended up using a clipper to actually cut the line, but the picture is of a box cutter. I will go back and fix that when we get another picture.