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Picture of Send an email with a fake email address
The title explains everything this instructable aims at, how to send an email with a fake email address i.e. any email address you like. Everyone must be excited so let's get started.

*All material provided on the instructable is intended for informational purposes only and should not be used to send actual emails. Users of this information are fully responsible for any consequences resulting from their actions. I do not take any responsibility for the user's actions.*

Step 1: The Procedure

Picture of The Procedure

The whole work is done by a PHP Script that I have attached below. You have to run the PHP Script on your own server. To learn how to run a PHP Script you can refer here.

When you run the script as you can see above you will see five text boxes

  1. Recipient : The email address of the receiver
  2. Sender Name: The name you want to appear above your email
  3. Sender Address: The email address of the sender you want to use.
  4. Subject: The subject of your email
  5. Content: The content of your email

In case you can't download the file click here

angmnco3 months ago
it does not deliver to anywhere....
ShounenH9 months ago
Thanks for the tutorial Siddak.
Whenever I launch the "PHP Fake Mail Script.php" file which you kindly provided, some errors show up in orange boxes. "See attached pictures please"
Can you please shed some light for the noob me on how to fix this?
MdS149 ShounenH7 months ago
add this line inside of <?php tag
RAJM48 made it!2 years ago

i try it correctly on both localhost and online hosting, but both ways unsuccessful ,showing these error, please see and suggest some thing