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How to Repair a Tire Leak Using a Plug - Everything You Need to Know

Picture of How to Repair a Tire Leak Using a Plug - Everything You Need to Know

Video tutorial on how to repair a leak in your tire using a plug. Unfortunately the other day I was unlucky enough to pick up an S hook from a rubber tie down strap. As soon as I heard an odd noise, I pulled over immediately to inspect the tire and then continued to change out to my spare tire to prevent future damage.

Tire plugs are not legal in all countries, so it’s important to consult with your local laws. Another option instead of installing a plug is a vulcanized tire patch which requires the tires to be unmounted from the wheel, that patch is applied to the inside of the tire. A vulcanized patch is the best repair for a punctured tire, however it does require more work, specialty equipment such as a tire machine, and can be slightly more costly.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • reamer
  • plug insertion tool
  • tire plug
  • pliers
  • spray bottle with soap and water mixture
  • air compressor
  • side cutters

Step 1:

Picture of

While we can easily see the leak, if you are having trouble finding yours, using a spray bottle with a soap and water mix, ensure the tire is up to pressure and spray the tire. Leaks can be anywhere from a loose valve in the valve steam, faulty valve, faulty valve steam, bead leak, a puncture such as here or even a faulty wheel. The leak will be shown as bubbling.

MikeL9010 months ago
This type or repair is illegal in some countries - it would be worth you adding a warning.
4DIYers (author)  MikeL9010 months ago
If you would have read the tutorial, it's already been mentioned in the second paragraph.