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Picture of How to Repair Beats Headphones

Everyone loves Beats by Dr. Dre, the stylish and great sounding headphones. Unfortunately, they are not very durable, and if they get dropped or set down too hard the ear cups can separate from the headband. If this happens, the wire that carries the audio to the speakers can become detached as well. This instructable shows how I resolved both these issues, and got back to enjoying my favorite tunes.

It’s all in the video, but because videos can be bandwidth intensive and use up your data allotment, I summarize it all here in pictures and text.

My Beats headphones got dropped a while back and the right ear cup got detached from the headband. As it turns out, the ear cup is only held on by two little plastic knobs that the ear cup snaps onto, and they were now broken. I tried gluing the plastic knobs back on, but it didn’t work. The surface area was just too small for the glue to take hold. I resolved the issue by drilling holes in the outside of the headband and sending two screws through it and into the earcup. Sounds a little crude, but it worked really well. The plastic knobs, the ones that broke off, originally allowed the earcup to swivel, and if you don’t tighten the screws down all the way, they allow it to swivel as well. I put the headphones back together, but soon discovered that sound only came out of the left ear. The wire going to the right ear speaker had become detached inside the right earcup, and I would have to get the thing open in order to reattach it. To get the earcup apart, you first have to pull the foam earpad off. After that, you have to use a thin screwdriver and pry the earcup apart. It isn’t that hard to do, and I got it done without breaking anything. After that, break out the soldering iron remake the connection to the speaker. Then put it all back together.

Things you will need:

  • broken Beats headphones
  • two small screws
  • assorted screwdrivers, flat and Phillips
  • a drill w/ drill bits
  • small soldering iron, sometimes called a soldering pen
  • small diameter 60/40 rosin core solder for electronics

Step 1: Drill Holes in the Headband

Picture of Drill Holes in the Headband

I know, the last thing you want to do is drill holes in your beautiful Beats headphones, but it is necessary. The picture shows where to drill. You want to drill exactly where the little plastic knobs had been, the ones that held the earcup on originally. To do this, make sure you shave/break off any of the knobs that remain and drill from the inside. The best way is to rotate the plastic circle with the B on it until the inside faces out, and then use a drill press. Get someone to help you do this part. The holes have to be big enough for the screws you picked out to slide though.