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Picture of How to Remove Rusted or Seized Truck Bed Bolts

Video tutorial on how to loosen and remove rusty bed bolts. For this truck, I need to lift the box off in order to replace the cap corner, however you maybe simply removing the box, or you can also tilt the box on the one side for accessing a fuel pump instead of dropping a fuel tank or cutting a hole in the bottom of your box. Here I’m working with a 1998 Ford Ranger short box which has a total of 6 bed bolts.

Tools/Supplies Needed:

  • penetrating oil
  • wire brush
  • ratchet
  • johnson bar
  • torx drivers
  • brush

Step 1:

Picture of

First start by safely elevating the truck if you need more room to gain access to the underside. For this I am using drive on ramps.

If you have a box liner like this truck, you’ll need to remove that. Remove any fasteners if it has any, open the tail gate, and then lift it up from the center to retract the sides. When there is enough movement for the sides, retract the sides. You’ll most like need a helping hand to remove the box liner.

DaveA1288 months ago
An "old" trick that out does ANY penetrating oil. Is a wax candle , wax will go where oil will not !!! Heat the part propane torch/or other source (not red-just hot 100*+) & melt the wax onto the threads. It will sweat in like solder,& things come apart, Try it you'll never use oil again. You can find video on the net.
tercero9 months ago
I feel the pain. I had a 1997 Saturn SL1, that had an engine cradle that literally rusted out in the first 5 years of ownership.
Of course, GM and their crappy warranty refused to do anything, so I was stuck removing it, and replacing it with a donor cradle from a wreck.
Needless to say, I spent almost a month trying to loosen and remove cradle bolts from the frame. It was a nightmare.
My solution was to heat just the bolt head, while keeping the area near the bolt cool with water soaked cloths, and applying a small flame from a napa oxy acetylene torch that expanded the bolts from their rusted hold.
Damned rust.