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This video demonstrates how to punch through concrete blocks using a gauntlet that adds weight and a reinforced impact point to the wearers fist. The added weight allows the speed of the punch to count for extra in total force. It's like swinging a hammer instead of a stick.

10" Strap Hinge
1' x 3" Foam Core PVC
4" x 1/2" PVC
One 5 1/2" x 1/2" Bolt & Nut to Fit
Two 1" x 3/8" Round Head Allen Screws & Lock Nuts to Fit
Four 1/2" Washers
One 4" x 3/8" Bolt
One 2" x 3/8" Bolt & Nut to Fit

Hand Saw
Drill & Bits
Box End Wrenches
Allen Wrenches
Sand Paper or Bench Grinder
Count Volta9 months ago
whoa! this you don't want to use as a weapon, it just wouldn't be fair.
Doug58463 years ago
I can't see the video
SeanJ123 years ago

These would be great breaching tools

SeanJ123 years ago

That would actually be pretty great

Maitland13 years ago

Mmmm, this seems to be the closest thing to a Power Fist that I can find:

The other, being:

How dangerous are these like if I got int a fight (not intentionally) would I be able to defend myself with them if I had them on me at the time.

A single punch could snap bone.. Soo..

mcb05014 years ago
I love the video
You could be the hulk with those
jamie w4 years ago


NutBros4 years ago


DIY Hacks and How Tos made it!4 years ago

Thanks for the awesome project and inspiration. It was a blast to make.

Hammer Gauntlet thumbnail without Text without Logo.jpg

Well done and easy to follow instructions. Finally, something to do with that odd assortment of materials I have. If anyone in Tampa wants to make these I have TONS of this type of supplies.

wcrain15 years ago
I did this. It a very fun project and it works well. I really like your videos and i will try to do more
rheath25 years ago


abendowski6 years ago
Awesome design, perfect for a starter base on my assassin's glove
cleage0016 years ago
I'm gonna assume this isn't a final version, so...
Try adding knuckle protection and a fold-out blade that pops behind your elbow, so that for when, in the video, you popped the gauntlet forward, you'd have a blade. Also, in a combat situation, you'd have extra force for punching and an elbow knife for quick dispatches.
x1expert1x6 years ago
Lol it would be awsome if you can punch through bricks lol take down houses with your fists :DD
the power of Chuck Norris has almost been harnessed into gauntlets LOL
now all you need to do is make them for your feet!
nox14686 years ago
nice work! though i have a suggestion, perhaps you could screw velcro straps to the gauntlet, alowing you to tighten the gauntlet and give you a better grip.
shakeval6 years ago
well dude, if you use a heat gun you can make the PVC pipe a lot easier to work with.
overall a cool little instructable
JACKBARRY6 years ago
add some knuckle busters and the pyro system that shoots flame and a assasins creed hidden blade then well then that would be awesome.
jacob1216 years ago
thanks for the idear i punch my brother in the head and cracked his skull
pyromanic6 years ago
can you build a pyro system. that is a thing that mounts on to you arm a shoots a jet of flame

that would be so cool. you are so good a making things you could make that.

pyromanic6 years ago
You Rock going to the hardwhere store right now.
DanYHKim6 years ago
I am so impressed, I can't even begin to express it in words. Please wait for a few minutes while I indulge in some interpretive dance.
Wow! You can also block a sword with them.
You might consider sewing gloves to the bolt and pipe that makes the handle, so they can stay on your hands. Your extended fingers can still project out the front so you can manipulate things, but your fist will be inside the gauntlet for punching.

Your videography is excellent. The edits and transitions leave only the relevant parts of the action, without all the extraneous setup stuff that can make a how-to video boring. The focus, stability and lighting are first-rate as well. A real cut or two above most Instructables videos. With this level of production quality, I hope you will make more Instructables in the future.
NightHawkInLight (author)  DanYHKim6 years ago
Thanks for your kind words
very nice- a modern take on an ancient weapon--
Lorddrake6 years ago
now what you need to do is bolt a second hing onto the back of the gauntlet (over the first one) leaving the top most hinge free. sharpen up the edgeds of the free top hinge, and design a spring loaded opening/closing system ..

Instant Katar

That's a great idea! A super-badass Ninja accessory!

If the swinging part of the hinge is cut down the middle, making a double-blade, you can also use it to capture sword blades in the cleft, then break them by rotating your arms - like a sai.

Man, Iron Man has nothing on you!
ilpug6 years ago
Oh wow. Applause sir, applause.
FrozenIce ilpug6 years ago
I concur. A truly ingenious design.
wilgubeast6 years ago
That's awesome. Someone needs to show those paving stones what's up.
bleepblorp6 years ago
Have you had any issues with the gauntlet slipping? The design is great, and seems to leave a ton of room for customization. Well done!
NightHawkInLight (author)  bleepblorp6 years ago
No, I haven't. I thought about adding a velcrow strap around the wrist to hold it in place, but it works fine without one and allows them to be picked up and dropped much more quickly.
Chiana_Rei6 years ago
The trick lies in concentrating the force of the blow along a thin enough line. This is why brick breakers usually use the knife edge of the hand instead of the knuckles. The intention of the force is also important as you should be aiming past the brick not at it. And please if you do this be sure to suspend the slabs above the ground on either end, if you try to do this against the flat ground you will break your hand gauntlet or not.. One improvement would be to weight the gauntlet more at the edge this will increase the striking force considerably.
When i was about 12 i could punch threw concreat but i tried about an hour after watching this AND I COULDN'T DO IT!!!!!! so im trying this
mikeasaurus6 years ago
Great stuff!
yapoyo6 years ago
I can break wood but not concrete. That is, until i found out about these.
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