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How to Prepare and Serve Traditional Chinese Tea

Picture of How to Prepare and Serve Traditional Chinese Tea

These instructions will guide you through the procedure of making and serving rose black tea. Being able to make and serve traditional Chinese tea is essential to hosting a formal dinner or gathering. Preparing tea in the traditional way provides a full experience for everyone; for those intent upon understanding the intricacies of new teas or for those just looking for a relaxing, yet stimulating beverage.

One of the benefits of tea is that most Americans might not think about is that it can act as a substitute for coffee as it has similar caffeine effects. People tend to drink coffee as part of their morning routine, but substituting coffee for tea can be a healthier alternative. Preparing and serving Chinese tea is a delicate art that can become a part of anyone’s daily life.

Step 1: Materials Needed

A traditional Chinese Tea Set is suggested in order to provide an experience of sophistication and class. Many of these can easily be found online. A prepared traditional Chinese tea set includes:
  • Water Boiler
  • A Teapot - Dark-Red Enameled Pottery is the best choice
  • Rose Black Tea
  • A Teaspoon - the shape is different from a normal American teaspoon
  • A Tea Holder - where tea can be placed
  • A Tea Board (suggestion size: 23x23x35cm)
  • A Serving Cup - used to serve people when the tea has cooled down
  • Teacups - the number of teacups can vary depending on the size of the tea board
  • A Tea Towel - can be substituted by a normal towel
  • Honey (optional)
starcaosh4 years ago

As a Chinese, I think this instruction is very good and it describe everything in detail. I like it so much. Of course you can make your fantastic Traditional Chinese Tea by following this instruction.

Uncle Kudzu4 years ago

I've never had rose tea. It sounds good. I usually go for Earl Grey (that citrus oil with the black tea is so good), but I've been wanting to try oolong, and now I'll be keeping an eye out for rose tea. Thanks for sharing your method.

Ranie-K4 years ago

Sorry, but you can ONLY use your own pictures.

tomatoskins4 years ago

Thanks for sharing this with the community! I've never had Chinese Tea. I'll need to try it sometime in the future.