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Picture of How to Polish Scratches From Under Your Car Door Handles

You may not have noticed before, or maybe you have, but most cars have a decent stock of ugly little scratches under the door handles. I think it's the result of rubbing your finger nails over it every time you grab the handle, it could be some sort of alien activity during the night, or maybe it's the kangaroo activity over here and other parts of the world don't have this problem, I'm really not sure.

In this instructable I'll show you how to get that section of paint looking brand new again. I have a white Volkswagen Transporter, I'll demonstrate on that. It takes no more than 5 minutes per handle once the car is clean, and does not require a PhD in car detailing (if there is such a thing?), it actually requires very little skill, basically if you are able to wipe water spots off a mirror you will be able to manage this.

This is my first instructable so please let me know if I've screwed anything up.

It's really annoying me now, can someone in a country without kangaroos please check if their car has these scratches and let me know?

Step 1: Wash Your Car

Wash the entire car and park in the shade. This is very important because you need to ensure that there are no little bits of dirt and grit on the car, these will cause more scratches than you already have. The bit about parking in the shade is because you want the metal panels to be cool to touch, if they are hot the polish will bake on before it has a chance to do anything, and you will be left with polish stuck to the paint which is quite hard to wash off.

Imrtbpsp8 months ago
I live in India. I have Honda Accord with same body color like yours as show in picture, but with chrome garnish handle.
I want to let you know that these marks/scratches isn't alien or Kangaroos activity because here in India no Kangaroos or such animal who can scratches under alI of your cars handle, While my cars always parked in Remotely controlled Garage. I also have same scratches under the all four handles except driver's door (a little bit). Because when I open the car door, I always keep in mind that my nails should not touch/rub the car body under the handle.
I am the only who drive my own car so there is not marks(a little bit) under the driver's side handle.
3 year before , one day me and my wife were traveling in car. We stopped at road side cafe for coffee and I was waiting for her in parking then I noticed that there is some red color scratch under the handle of passenger's door (front other side). While these marks was not there 2 or 3 ago because I took car to washing station and deeply inspected the car my self.
So I got an quick clue about from where these mark came from. As soon as my wife came back first of all I check her nails then I find that those red marks was there due to my wife blood res Nail Polish/Paint.
Hope it will help you, I am posting the pics my car's handle.
Sorry for my Bad English.
I am Indian and Hindi is my mothertounge. English is secondary.
Thanks You.
twit75031 year ago
They look cuddly with their lil pouches..... surely they wouldn't deliberately deface automobiles!
I have the same scratches behind my door handle and my door handles look almost identical to yours. I live in the central U.S. on gravel and the only reason I can come up with for the scratches is that small rocks get flung in between the handle in the door, possibly when I turn corners with a bit of speed. Don't know if this would apply to your situation though. Nice tutorial, I will have to give that a try at some point.
rq2500 (author)  360hobbyist1 year ago
Thanks, I trust it helps. I think you'll find it is caused by fingernails when opening the door, I'd expect the whole car would have scratches if it was gravel flinging up from the road.
rajarshi1 year ago
i ve been neglecting too
This is something that I have definitely been neglecting on my car. Thanks for the tutorial.
rq2500 (author)  DIY Hacks and How Tos1 year ago
Yes it's incredible how much the little details make when you're trying to impress someone with your car. No probs.
uwalts11 year ago
Thanks for the tutorial, it's great mate.
rq2500 (author)  uwalts11 year ago
No worries, trust it helps.
KEUrban1 year ago
Living in someplace that is not Australia, I can confirm that here at least the scratches are not caused by marsupial vandals (since the only marsupial native to North America isn't tall enough to reach the door handle).
rq2500 (author)  KEUrban1 year ago
Haha thanks mate, those roos are cheeky blighters though, gotta watch them.
RyanK441 year ago
Hahaha sticks like shit on a blanket! Never heard that one before..