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Picture of How to Play Geometry Dash on Ubuntu

This Instructable is on playing Geometry Dash on Ubuntu. Geometry Dash is not supported in Linux, so you will need to use Windows emulator called WINE (Wine Is Not An Emulator). I searched for guides, but could find none, so I decided to try to get it to work. This is super easy, and will only take about 15 minutes, depending on your internet connection. You will need:

PC running Ubuntu 16.0.4 (Earlier releases are fine too!)



Geometry Dash (Windows version) game in a folder uncompressed

That is all you will need!

Step 1: Install WINE

Picture of Install WINE

Go to the Ubuntu Software program, and search the keyword "wine". There should be at least two options-Configure Wine, and Winetricks. You only need to install Winetricks, but installing Configure Wine is also useful because it gives you more control over the WINE software, although you only need to use the Winetricks software to play Geometry Dash.

It worked...... but the music wont load

and it stopped working.....

raspberrypi33 (author)  ChitanDaniel1 year ago

Sorry to hear about that. I would suggest checking that all components are installed. Also, I wrote this a while ago, and I know that Linux got updated as well as Geometry Dash itself. I only have the older version, so you might have to do some poking around to get it to work. Good luck!

My Ubuntu Doesn't have this.
raspberrypi33 (author)  TheRealCyanCat1 year ago
Try updating your system: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
i can't install it.
raspberrypi33 (author)  TheRealCyanCat1 year ago
What can you not install? WINE, or the prerequisites required to run Geometry Dash? Try checking your internet connection, running as root, or update your system. If Geometry Dash won't run, that's because the components required for the game to run are not installed yet.
this doesn't install

its good! used this for my mac since mac os x is basically linux

raspberrypi33 (author)  ThatsNiceGuy-2 years ago


this deserves more attention tho