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Picture of How to Make a Carousel Costume
carousel dress.jpg

We got a new puppy in September and knew right away that we wanted to coordinate this year's costumes with our dog. We decided to create coordinating circus themed costumes for each one of us. The dog became our lion, my son became a Ringmaster, my husband became a Human Cannonball, and I became a Carousel. This Instructable shows you step by step how I created my Carousel Costume.

Step 1: Gather Materials and Tools Needed

One sheet of 1/2" EPS Foam (found at Hardware Store)

Hot wire cutter to cut foam

Heavy Guage Wire for center core framework

Welding Machine and welding rods to construct center core framework

2 Yards of Spandex fabric for circle skirt

1 Yard of fabric for covering center form

1 Yard of Spandex fabric for covering bottom ring and making waist band

1 zipper for skirt

sewing machine and thread

12 toy horses and/or animals

(12) 1/4" wooden dowel rods cut to 10" lengths

Drill and 1/4" drill bit

E600 adheasive

Foam adheasive

Low Temperature glue and glue gun

Craft Paint or spray paint for dowel rods and mirrors

Mirror board or silver foil paper glued to cardstock

(6) laser cut wooden frames (less than 10" tall)

One set of battery powered fairy lights and batteries

Command Clips

Sticky Backed Velcro

jstuppy made it!4 months ago
I saw Marlena's carousel skirt and knew I HAD to make this for my 2018 Halloween costume. I made it and let me tell you...I had a blast! My husband helped my by constructing the wire frame and cutting the foam circles. He's such a genius! <3

Overall, this was definitely a labor of love. Marlena's instructions were a great starting point. The funnest part was dressing up my carousel animals. I was fortunate to stumble upon a red sequined formal at the thrift shop that I thought would be perfect for the top/bodice of my carousel skirt. I found the shoes at the thrift shop, as well. What are the odds that you walk into a thrift shop and find EXACTLY what you have in mind and the pieces were the perfect color and MY SIZE? I must mention it was half price day and got the dress and shoes for $15! It was a bit of a challenge joining the cut off dress to my circle skirt...but I got it to work. ;-) It killed me to cut a perfectly good floor length formal, but the end results were exactly what I had envisioned for my costume. To "top" of my costume, I made a top hat that resembled that of a Ring Master in keeping with my theme. I pulled up carousel music on my cell phone to complete the ensemble. Super fun project!
MarlenaT (author)  jstuppy4 months ago
Your costume came out awesome! IT made my day to see your results. So much fun!
jstuppy MarlenaT4 months ago
Thanks for the inspiration! ;-)

Very cool! Now I'm wondering about the other costumes for the rest of your family.. Did you make them as well?

I did!. I made a total of six coordinating costumes and we purchased a tiny lion mane for the puppy but I carved a Circus Lion Cage that mounts to a pull wagon and did a makeover on a thrifted wooden trash can using spray paint and vinyl to serve as the lion's platform.


Creative and beautiful.Congratulations

ALL OF THIS! You look AMAZING! I love the whole lot of you! Too bad the dog couldn't show up for this awesome photo, but I love the wagon! So great! Your costume is extra special. Really clever and so well executed. Bravo!

MarlenaT (author)  davidandora1 year ago

Thank you. The puppy is in the group photo but he is so tiny that I had a hard time keeping the lion mane costume from slipping around on his head. While walking in the Carousel Costume is easy to do, bending or sitting is a bit difficult so I wasn't able to get his costume cinched up enough to keep it from sliping and sliding and this caused him to keep turning his head to the side which was captured in the group photo. We also ran into a bit of a hickup when we arrived to our photo shoot location with a dog. I had no one with us that could keep the dog outside and I thought we were going to have to forfiet our photo shoot entirely but then they made the decision to allow us just inside the front entrance only for a very short amount of time and it was then starting to get dark quickly. I did end up with some excellent photos of just my son and the dog and I entered those into the Petco Instagram Contest. I'm not allowed to publish those photos anywhere else according to their contest rules so I cannot post them here but you can see them if you Instagram and use the Halloweenscenecontest hashtag.

Awesome! Everything goes together very nicely! Enjoy the Halloween time :)

Sofia_Joy1 year ago

This is very beautiful! I love it!

MarlenaT (author)  Sofia_Joy1 year ago

Thank you so much!


Yore welcome!!

Kariely1 year ago
this looks amazing! it reminds me of the greatest showman
I hopevi voted for you. This site us kind of confusing. I logged in so hopefully it took the vote.
MarlenaT (author)  Sharonfree11 year ago
It did. Thank you so very much!
stakara1 year ago

this is amazing >w< i just ordered some horse miniatures off ebay to attempt to make this carousel skirt. tho i plan on making it doll sized and not for a human so wish me luck XD

MarlenaT (author)  stakara1 year ago
Thank you! I'm looking forward to seeing your doll costume! So exciting!
glamourd1 year ago
This is incredible!

I love this. So so much. Thanks for taking the time to share it.

MarlenaT (author)  AnimattersInc1 year ago
Thank you!
LFD21 year ago

great idea!

MarlenaT (author)  LFD21 year ago
Thank you!

Bravo! All your costumes are so beautifully made, so exciting and work so well together as a group. Your carousel costume is amazing and you certainly have my vote! Please keep creating & posting. I'm looking forward to what else you create. Thanks so much for sharing this!

MarlenaT (author)  MissMarpleToo1 year ago
Thank you so much!
MarlenaT (author) 1 year ago
Went to a fundraiser tonight and got a good photo of the lights. Thought you all my enjoy seeing the lighting.

Wow! Just wow! This is so creative, and well made, and just looks wonderful as a costume :D

MarlenaT (author)  Penolopy Bulnick1 year ago

Thank you so much!

Mey Lynn1 year ago

wow!!! So cool!!!

MarlenaT (author)  Mey Lynn1 year ago

Thank you so much!

So incredibly creative and beautifully done! You've got my vote!

MarlenaT (author)  Tye Rannosaurus1 year ago

Thank you so much for your comment and your vote! This is my first Instructable and my first contest entry. It's really fun!

Swansong1 year ago

This is so awesome! 0.0 That's an amazingly creative idea and it came out beautifully! :)

Thank you so much! My family is having some great fun this month with Halloween activities. I've been out a few times so far in the dress. Posing for more photo requests than I ever imagined and have had a chance to meet many new people as they inquire about the costume.