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Picture of How to make a Big Hero 6:

"Hello... I am Baymax... Ba-la-la-la-la-la." Probably one of my top three favorite movies of all time.. Big Hero 6 is awesome! Well, my friends and I wanted to create the Big Hero 6 team for the 2015 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo. Well, since we had the rest of the cast, it was time to make the main man himself.. er.. main bot I should say. Good thing i have very large friends! Ready to get your upgrade on? Let's get started shall we?

*Costume works well with big people 6'5 and above


- EVA foam

-hot glue

-plastic buckles

- wood 2x4

- long screws


- comfortable gym shoes

-electric sander


- Mattress foam

- Clear Caulk

- wood dowel rods

- parachute chord

-Black pants

-Black long sleeve shirt

-shoe laces

-measuring tape

- heating gun

-exacto knife

- worbla

- see through white fabric


Step 1: Abdomen and Pelvis

Picture of Abdomen and Pelvis


1) Since my friend is quite large, we had to glue who pieces of EVA foam together to make a girdle type thing. Just wrap the sheet around his chest and stomach. Cut some space under the armpits to allow it to fit snuggly. (pic 1)

2) I used large plastic buckles and secured them to the back of the girdle. (Pic 1)

3) i took some shoe laces and made shoulder straps so the abdomen would now slide down.

4) there are little striations on the front of the abdomen, but this should be done AFTER the chest is made due to sizing.


1) take your tape measure and measure the new waist WITH the abdomen on from left to right hip.

2) take your scrap piece of paper and cut out a rectangle to the length of the hips. Fold the paper in half and draw out the shape. Unfold, cut out, and trace and cut out of EVA foam (pic 2)

3) repeat step 5, but take the measurement from back side.

4) once you have the front and back side of the pelvis, glue one hip and the crotch together. do NOT glue the other side of the hip together.

5) I used a soldering iron to burn a "canal" on the inside of the pelvis in the butt area. be cautious because you are NOT trying to burn completely through the foam, but only create a canal that will you to bend it and fill it with hot glue. (seen in pic 1)

6) Glue on small buckles to the unglued hip of the pelvis (as seen in pic 1)

Attaching Pelvis to Abdomen

1) put on the abdomen and the pelvis together

2) take some chalk and mark where you want the pelvis and abdomen to align

3) take some parachord straps and some large plastic buckles and glue them to the side of the abdomen. The other side will attach to the outside of the pelvis. (pic 5)

* We were quite rushed and I had not figured out how to make it look clean yet in the picture. The only thing different is that the parachord that is attached to the stomach was eventually hidden underneath the details of the abdomen and then painted.

5) There is also one more buckle/ parachord attached to the inside of the crotch area the pelvis piece and the abdomen piece. The reason we did this was that the abdomen would continuously pop out. (pic 6)

mr.knex138 months ago
Great costume, but I think it would have been better if the white eye piece had been rounded and right up against the edge of the helmet.
SpicyPandaCreations (author)  mr.knex138 months ago
agreed. Didn't have enough time to figure out a way to make the eye piece rounded while still retaining it's shape. Probably would have tried looking for a clear piece of plastic that could have worked as a visor or something in a best case scenario i think.
HollyO63 years ago
I love this!!! Thank you so much for sharing your costume. Our family has always made costumes at this level and this one is very inspirational.
SpicyPandaCreations (author)  HollyO63 years ago

yay! thanks for the support

This is so awesome. My son would flip if he saw this at a convention.

Thank you very much!! Always appreciate the support