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Picture of How to Make a Batman: Evil Robin Costume

In the Dark Knights: Metal Batman comic book series, Batman has to finally kill the Joker. In his last breath, Joker infects Batman with the Joker virus, thus causing Batman to slowly go insane and become a Batman/Joker Hybrid.. AKA... The Batman Who Laughs!!! Well, every Batman needs a sidekick, so this version of Batman takes all the infected children of the city and turns them into a horde of evil Robins.

For the most recent 2018 Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, I wanted to create a whole Batman cosplay group. I thought a cool idea would be to incorporate The Batman Who Laughs into the group! My friend was also game to cosplay with us, but did not have a lot of time to join in the creation so we thought this Robin would make an easy, yet excellent, addition to the Bat-crew. So how about we get started and I show you how i built this thing?


-Green Stretch fabric

-Red Stretch Fabric

-fitted short sleeve polo shirt

-Roll of scratch paper

-Hot glue

-fitted shorts (boxer shorts can work well)

-white tights

-flat shoes such as converse or women's flats

-white long sleeve undershirt (optional)

-Prosthetic Elf Ears

-Plastic buckle

-Halloween short teeth or Thermoplastic

-Food coloring

-acrylic paint

-EVA foam

-duct tape

-plastic bag

-Yellow and Black Craft foam

-Sewing Machine

- Worbla


-Yellow fabric

-black Fabric


-white face paint

-green chalk

-Chain (optional)

Step 1: Reference Pictures

Before I ever start ANY costume, I look up a ton of reference photos from various sources and put it in a folder. The more pictures from different angles, the better.

Look up:

1. Actual photos of the character from its source (movies, comics, action figure, etc)

2. Cosplay pictures. You can see what has been done, what you like, what you don't like, how to improve on a design. You can also start getting an idea of different poses you think you'd like to do.

3. I start looking at art work. I usually look up things via google images, deviant art, tumblr, etc. This way, you can see different renditions of a character through a new perspective and once again, start thinking about what you like, don't like, etc.

4. Use your own imagination. Think about what you want, how to make it your own original design, what are some tricks you think you'd like to incorporate.. perhaps you want to try out a new technique with this build, etc

Optional: 5. If you can draw, I sometimes will take all my reference sources and start drawing out my own design.