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Picture of How to Make Power Bank on Your Own Easily

In this instructables I will show you how you can make your own power bank using easily available and inexpensive components. This backup battery contain 18650 li-ion battery from old laptop or you can buy new ones. Later I made a wooden casing with cool looking Plexiglas lights to have a cooler aesthetic feel. I will walk you through each and every steps in building this.

Watch the video for easy understanding

The specifications are:

Capacity: 6600mAh (Expandable)

Output voltage: 5V

Step 1: Materials Required

18650 li-ion battery

TP 4056 battery protection module

6009 Boost Converter module


330 ohm resistor

USB female socket

Soldering kit


Plywood ( 3/4" and 1/4" thickness)

Some basic woodworking tools like Drill, hacksaw, Chisel,etc

OctaveP5 months ago
quite dangerous as is! read @MaxxB1 comment :)
MaxxB16 months ago
The TP 4056 battery protection module doesn't do load balancing, so charging 3 cells from one module will not work well. Once the unit sees one of the three cells is at it's limit, it will stop charging or stop the battery giving power.
To get this to work correctly you need 3 TP 4056 battery protection modules. One connected to each battery. The USB input from one module can be used to power the other two modules by soldering jumper wires to the +/- contacts on the USB end of the module.
The output of the three modules can be joined in parallel to provide the power to the boost convertor.