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Picture of How to make Ginger juice and its 10 benefits.
The health benefits of Ginger have been well known to the world even 5000 years ago. Ginger contains many vitamins and also manganese & copper, all of which are very essential for proper functioning of the body.
In this instructable, let us look at the benefits of Ginger juice and how to make in particular.

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
Sugar(if needed)
Ajay_Accent2 months ago
I thought he would explain some innovative way of making ginger juice. BTW Ginger does not prevent cancer. I know someone who has Ginger for 60 yrs and still got cancer. Period
Aadhithyan (author) 3 years ago

If u have any more benefits regarding ginger plzz comment below

wolu44 made it!3 years ago
Stronger than vodka!
Aadhithyan (author)  wolu443 years ago

Hihi :)

Thanks for trying and do u added Sugar..

maybe next time I'll add a mite of Xylitol

Aadhithyan (author)  wolu443 years ago


Aadhithyan (author)  Aadhithyan3 years ago

Healthier than Vodka too ...;)

vodka is also healthy in the right proportions ;)