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Picture of How to Install a Propex HS2000 Heater in a Camper Van Conversion
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The Propex HS2000 and the Propex HS2211 are blown air space heaters fueled by propane or butane. Air for combustion is taken from outside and heat is transferred inside the van via a heat exchanger: it is therefore safe to use without having to vent the inside of the van and the blown heat is dry, nice! Let’s look at some specifications:

  • 6500 BTU
  • Propane Consumption: 1 lb every 3 hours (That’s close to 60 hours run time for a 20 lbs propane tank. The heater doesn’t run all the time, so we should get a few weeks out of a tank)
  • Electrical Consumption: 1.6 amp
  • The heater is controlled by a thermostat and cycle ON/OFF to maintain the desired temperature. There is only one speed, so the Propex cycle more than a Webasto/Espar (they have 3 speeds, so they run on “low” speed without cycling too much). However the start cycle of the Propex is more quiet and doesn’t draw as much electrical current as the Webasto/Espar.

HS2000 VS HS2211

Both units are almost identical (BTU, consumption, etc), the main difference being that the HS2000 must be installed inside the vehicle while the HS2211 is designed to be mounted outside (or inside). Here are the main differences:


  • Must be installed inside.
  • Must be installed horizontally.
  • Requires to pass the combustion intake/exhaust pipes through the floor (in addition to the propane line, if your tank is mounted outside): that’s two ~1in diameter holes.


  • Can be installed inside or outside.
  • Can be installed on any of it’s wide or narrow faces, but not nose up or down.
  • If installed outside, the hot air / cold air ducts have to pass through the floor (in addition to the electrical wires): that’s two ~ 2.75in diameter holes.
  • The HS2211 is supposed to be slightly quieter than the HS2000 (but we read somewhere it’s marginal).

We listed all the steps in this Instructable, but head over here for all the material list (with links), tools and more:

We hope this helps, don't hesitate to ask questions if you feel like it!


Step 1: Material Needed for This Project

  • Propex HS2000 Heater with installation kit
  • Two stage propane regulator
  • 1/4″ Propane Copper Tubing
  • Hardware fittings to connect the 1/4″ tubing to your propane system
  • Ring Terminals