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How to Install Puppy Linux to a USB Key- In Depth Explanation for Windows Users

Picture of How to Install Puppy Linux to a USB Key- In Depth Explanation for Windows Users
Whether you want a light OS to use on unfamiliar PCs, or just want to experience a Linux distro, Puppy is a good choice for a flash drive based system.

Step 1: ISO Recorder

Picture of ISO Recorder
First, you need to burn Puppy's live CD. If you're using Windows XP and don't have advanced CD creation tools, I recommend downloading ISORecorder.
Once you've installed it, you will find a new option "Burn CD Image" in your right-click context menu.

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blm78 years ago
How much space on a USB flash drive is needed for the Puppy Linux installation? I suppose if the flash drive was partitioned, the Puppy Linux could go into a partition of the right side. The rest of the flash drive could then be used for storage or transfer of info. Yes?
vigerpersinger (author)  blm78 years ago
The minimum stick size is 128MB, at least, for the older versions.

Anything larger than that and you can definitely use the remainder as storage.

If you're looking to have this run akin to a hard install, you'll want to look into installing Puppy with persistent storage so that user settings are preserved.
Phil B9 years ago
I will have to try this following your instructions. I followed the prompts in Puppy a couple of versions back, but it did not work.

I just click on the file I download from Puppy and an ISO burning program opens without using 3rd party software.

I have used Puppy for more than a year when I want to go onto the Internet, but do not want to buy anti-virus software. With each new version I notice I can go almost anywhere on the web and it is fast, but as time goes by certain sites will no longer open or function and my speed slows. Sometimes switching to a different browser in Puppy helps. Sometimes running Chkdsk and Disk Defragmenter in Windows helps. Have you had any experience with this problem?
vigerpersinger (author)  Phil B9 years ago
Can't say I've experienced this - how are you running puppy when the slow-down occurs [thumb drive/virtual machine/CD]? I believe there's a known issue with Opera slowing down, so disabling caching would definitely help if that's the case.
I am running it from a LIVE disc (CD). I have not used the e-mail program, only a browser or two.