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Picture of How to Format Drives in Linux

Skip to the next paragraph if you don't want the story. So a while back I was riding around my neighborhood and found a computer in someones trash so I took it home and dismantled it.I took out the hard drive and graphics card, thankfully it was a SATA drive so I could easily plug it into my computer which is a desktop and took a look at it. Whoever it was that last owned the computer was obviously not aware that they had to run a virus scanner once in a while because when I tried to boot from the drive I got the blue screen of death and when I ran the virus scanner it found over 10 viruses and malware. In the end I formatted the drive in windows plugged IN my Linux flash drive and flashed Linux Mint to my new drive. And this is how I came to get Linux on my computer and to why I am writing this instructable

So this came about because i could not find an ible' on formatting flash/thumb drives in Linux so with a little research and some trial and error i got it to work.

Step 1:

Ida1401 year ago

I am new to Linux and fed up with MS. I understand there is a big learning curve to use Linux but I understood this article. It helped me to get started.

Would you point me to easily understood site that explains more for a newbie dummie.

Ryan Hebron (author)  Ida1401 year ago

tecmint is great for tutorials and stuff and even though I've been a Linux user for years I still visit it.

there are a lot of great people that are willing to help on reddit but I do suggest using google as much as possible. the better you get at your google-fu the easier it will be to find solutions down the road and whatever you dont find on google ask reddit.

TonyC2731 year ago

I'm somewhat new to linux, using manjaro. My terminal-x reports that "apt-get" is "not found".

Ryan Hebron (author)  TonyC2731 year ago

For manjaro it would be `pacman -S` I think. Manjaro is a sub-distro of arch so I would assume it would use the same package manager.

HunterP113 years ago

Did you forget a zero on the virus count? Ten's not a whole lot... Great guide though!

AndrewF753 years ago

Really helpful article

Ryan Hebron (author) 5 years ago

from what ive read mac will recognize fat32 and ext2 formats along with the norm hfs+ for mac

Ryan Hebron (author) 5 years ago

form what i found windows will NOT recognize btrfs, ext2, ext3, ext4, jfs, linux-swap, reiserfs, and xfs, however linux mint will not mount drives formatted to linux-swap

what windows will recognize is most fat file systems and ntfs

If you format in a file system that Windows can read. VFAT or Ntfs will work. Win is not able to read Linux Filesystems out of the box.