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In this tutorial i will show you how to make a Old Wired Speaker into Bluetooth Enabled Speaker.

So lets now begin with complete instruction.


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Step 1: Things You Need

Picture of Things You Need

For this project you need following things

1. Old Speaker (i'm using 2.1 Channel Speaker)

2. Bluetooth Audio Receiver

3. Voltage Regulator or Buck Converter

4. Female USB Port or Cable

5. 3.5mm Male Audi Jack


Purchase or Affiliate Links

Amazon US :
1. Bluetooth Receiver -

2. Buck Converter -

3. 2.1 Channel Speaker (Not the same product as shown in the video) -

AliExpress :
1. Bluetooth Receiver -

2. Buck Converter -

3. 2.1 Channel Speaker -

Amazon IND :

1. Bluetooth Receiver -

2. Buck Converter -

3. 2.1 Channel Speaker -

Flipkart India :

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2. 2.1 Channel Speaker -!NNNN

ruffrusty22 years ago
I did something very similar , i turned an older wired portable battery powered speaker into a Bluetooth speaker by taking a skull candy Bluetooth speaker apart and wiring and soldering the proper points together. My new speaker is now a 3 way design and i can connect it to a 500 watt Pioneer system by using a RCA cable that I spliced into the speaker output . It is portable , was very cheap to build and sounds as good as an high end product !!!
DIYTechStudio (author)  ruffrusty22 years ago

Cool :)

JamesB5272 years ago

I notice that the connector uses RCA jacks. Technically, couldn't you use an RCA to 3.5 adapter instead of soldering directly onto the board? If you drill a premeasured hole for them into the back casing, you could even make it look pretty slick, without the risk of ruining the board. Plus, if you felt like getting really crazy with it, you could screw on a line output converter to the outside so that you can hot swap it for use with High level signal input device.

DIYTechStudio (author)  JamesB5272 years ago


1. Yes, i could have used the RCA to 3.5mm Jack but i wanted to reduce the mess & also didn't want to invest on the converter since i already had a 3.5mm jack with me.

2. I will give a try with line output converter. Thanks for the suggestion.

JurajR12 years ago

Or buy and DONE!

I have this Logitech BT adapter few years (in our Local store was price around 20€, but there are cheapest like TP-Link HA100 or Sony or Philips - price close to your BT adapter+components) and its work perfect. Logitech has 2 separate BT channels - you can pair 2 smartphones/tablets to 1 speaker. Works perfect and looks better.

DIYTechStudio (author)  JurajR12 years ago


I know there are cheaper Bluetooth speakers that's why i mentioned OLD WIRED SPEAKER which came without Bluetooth Function like mine which i used in this project.

This is not about buying new BT speakers. The devices I mentioned make the same as your project!

Logitech Bluetooth audio adapter can change any old wired speakers to wireless Bluetooth speakers (I have connected it to my 30 years old Hi-Fi Panasonic) and its very elegant solution with only little bit higher price, but profesional, with 2 BT channels and with better quality as cheap USB receiver you used in your project.

I think that at the same price as your project you can buy device from Sony, TP-Link or Philips, what works as you wish - you can connect them to any old wired stereo speakers thru 3,5mm jack or chinch conector and the device works as BT receiver. Final price is around 10-20 € (depends on vendor and functionality), and you use USB receiver and DC buck convertor with price 6.5+4,5€ = 11€ - same price as final device you can buy in shop + you will need some power suply.

For me is better way to buy regular device from local store at this moment. It looks better, it works better (i think aslo with better quality as some noname USB receiver Aickar you used) and it cost same or very little bit higher as your project.

That was my idea.

DIYTechStudio (author)  JurajR12 years ago

May be what you mentioned about 2 BT channels is right. But i don't get the idea of pairing 2 smartphones/tablets to 1 speaker as you mentioned in your first comment, to listen to one song.

I like your idea of buying from a local store, That's simple & easy but you don't get the experience of trying something.

And also the price what you mentioned is different in my place (i converted my local currency to euro)

Bluetooth Audio Receiver - 3€

Buck Converter - 2€

Total - 5€ (at the max it would cost 6 to 7 € with shipping)

I have price from your Links:
AliExpress :

1. Bluetooth Receiver -

= 6,77 - or 6,16 with discount 9% off next 16 hours) - free shipping

2. Buck Converter -
= 4.44€ (+ post 1.15 to my country)

My Logitech solution can pair 2 smarthones, but actvie can be only one of them - you must press PAUSE on one and press PLAY on other if you want to play song from other.

BTW very interesting device has also D-Link. Try to search D-Link Music Everywhere - little bit expencieve (around 40€), but you can play music thru WI-Fi or Airplay and also works as Wi-Fi extender to your network. Same idea but not thru BT but thru wi-fi.

DIYTechStudio (author)  JurajR12 years ago

Thanks for the info on D-Link Music.

DIYTechStudio (author) 2 years ago

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DIYTechStudio (author)  shreekulkarni2 years ago


What Part ?

I Suggest watching the video for better understanding..