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Picture of How to Catch Landlocked Salmon

The landlocked salmon is the king of all fish in the North East, and it is easy to see why: they are big, strong and will keep fighting until they are on the table. Landlocked Salmon, in the North East, are a smaller variant of the Atlantic salmon, though they still have they strength and stamina of their larger cousins. Landlocked Salmon are fun to catch, and fun to eat. Before we begin, though, i can not stress enough that this is not not for the inexperienced angler, it takes a lot of time patience and determination to catch a salmon. If you are lacking in these qualities fishing for salmon could drive you to the point of giving up on fishing entirely.

Step 1: Do your homework.

Picture of Do your homework.

You need to know what lakes in your area have landlocked salmon. To do this I suggest looking at your local Fish and Game website, there is usually some information on which lakes are home to the salmon, whether wild or stocked. You could also talk to local guides and other fishermen about where to fish.

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There's nothing like fresh salmon for a meal. Yum!