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I've been wanting a modern, light wood coffee table with rounded ends for awhile, so I finally built one. This video is a tutorial of how I took solid maple lumber and layers of maple plywood and turned them into an awesome modern coffee table.

Check out the video above to see much more detail about how I built it.

My website has the table's dimensions:

Step 1: Tools and Materials

Materials and Tools I used to make this project (affiliate):

АхмедА2 months ago
Project geniuses have benefited you a lot thanks
garg112 months ago
I really like this full description with lots of pictures.
better one time to see than ten time to hear.
Maker Gray (author)  garg112 months ago
Jast922 months ago
This is exactly what im looking for in my living room. I'm just a begginer in this of woodworking and i really love it. I hope to do more than a hobby from it. I'm learning a lot of things from your post. I leave some tips to help you to grow in this passion:

Keep doing things like this, really apreaciate it!
Maker Gray (author)  Jast922 months ago
Thanks so much!
OutofPatience2 months ago
Very nice looking piece of furniture...thanks for the clear instructable! A clear beveled glass top would also look really classy on those laminated support legs you built. I don't know whether that might require extra central support or not, though. But since your current wood top merely rests on the legs and center support, it might work...just a thought. Thanks for sharing your work.
Maker Gray (author)  OutofPatience2 months ago
I agree. The glass would be a wonderful addition. And I also think that the legs alone would be fine to support that extra weight. They're very sturdy. Thanks so much!
GrobelSondaro2 months ago
Just go to stoodoys if you want to know how to make it yourself.
alexsum2 months ago
Great project, I may build one with MDF instead of plywood
seamster3 months ago
Great looking design, I dig it!
Maker Gray (author)  seamster2 months ago
Maker Gray (author)  seamster3 months ago
Thanks so much!
BaznSuz2 months ago
Great looking piece, but how did you fix the table top to the legs? surely it doesn't just rest on them?
Maker Gray (author)  BaznSuz2 months ago
Thanks! It actually is just resting on the legs. The table top is heavy and doesn't move at all. But you could certainly fasten the two together if you wanted to.
JuanA2102 months ago
good looking i love it
Maker Gray (author)  JuanA2102 months ago
Thanks so much!
johndavidf2 months ago
Nice piece of work. I made some modern style furniture back in my mid-twenties (50 yrs.ago). It was great for the era but did not stand the test of time. We now have
solid oak Shaker and Mission style that we know will stand the test of time in form and function. You are to be commended for your fine work.