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How to Build Your Own Anemometer Using Reed Switches, Hall Effect Sensor and Some Scraps on Nodemcu. - Part 1 - Hardware

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Step 4: Mounting Everything in the PVC Stand

Mounting the support

Take the CAP of 5 cm diameter of PVC, a piece of PVC tube and the CAP of 2.5 cm in diameter and glue them all with instant glue according to the photo. You can also make a hole with the diameter of the tube to improve the connection between the pieces. After all the pieces are glued apply more glue on the glued edges of each piece and immediately cover with baking soda. When drying the glue you will have very good hardness.

You should also stick the silicone on the edge of the CAP that will allow to seal the union between the 2 CAPs and facilitate the fitting of the rosetta. Let them be dry before continuing.

Carefully insert the rosetta already mounted on the support piece and that it fits snugly against the edge of the CAP. Remember that we will mount a second CAP above this. Look the photo with the final solution. And please identify each of the cables to facilitate connections with the nodemcu.