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Picture of How To: POV Drink Cam

My friends got married recently and i thought i wanted to document the party fun in a way more fun than just photographing it or videoing it.

I recently got a small action cam for my DJI phantom and wanted to use this somehow.

Strapping the camera to a bottle of booze and having the guests passing the bottle around and taking a drink, thus filming the wedding party in an unusual way.

This Instructable contains people over the legal drinking age drinking alcohol. so if you are offended by people drinking please dont read. If you are not of drinking age do not do this yourselves, you can substitute the bottle for something like a soft drink.

Also make sure when passing the drink around the people drinking are of legal age in your country/area and are not driving. Dont drink and drive !

Step 1: Things You Will Need.

A small action camera (such as gopro, mine is a gopro fake)

Water proof housing or case for camera.

Camera mounting equipment.

Mount strap. (you could use a glue pad, i didnt as i knew i would need to change the bottle through out the evening.)

A bottle of drink , with a bottle the correct size for your mounting strap.

Some sort of editing software. (some action cameras have apps that will allow you to edit the footage.) i used final cut express and Quick time Pro. (quick time to separate the individual people drinking and final cut to join them and add overlays and audio.

We did such kind of a video during a wedding party. It is much better to fix it additional with a TESA Power Strip mini. In this way the Camera won´t move while there is condensation liquid...

Well that may be true. but my camera didn't move at all throughout the evening in regards to being connected to the bottle. The only movement was when i removed the camera from the first bottle (which would have been difficult if it had been glued, as i mention in the instructable) to the second bottle as we drank the first quite fast.

And TBH there wasn't any condensation on the bottle as the content of the bottle wasn't ice cold and the room temperature wasn't high.

ilovekoalas4 years ago
Nice! What's the name of the camera?

i believe its called XIAOMI

backwards lamb (author)  esg.8274 years ago
No, I looked at that one. This is a cheaper version of that. It was sold as a SJCam but i suspect it's a fake due to the no branding and the very low cost.
backwards lamb (author)  ilovekoalas4 years ago
Hi, it doesn't really have a name. The only branding I can see is it says action camera on the back. If you go on eBay (that's where I got it from) there are loads. Ranging from £20 to £100.