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Picture of How To Make An Ice Fishing Tip Up
First, i should give credit to Kelvin, the cub leader who emailed me the picures and instructions - i just "instructiblized" it.

Now, let us begin...

If you're going ice fishing and you don't want your rod to go down the hole, you might want to make one of these.

What you need:

- several lengths of wood or plastic pipe (2 x 18'' and 1 x 24'' used here) - approximately the diameter of a broom handle

- nut and bolt, or screw of suitable size

- reel (the one used was $3 at Walmart)

- zip ties (at least 4)

- a few small eye screws (or round staples)

Also needed (but not pictured):

- fishing line

- hook

- bait

- ice auger

- Frozen Lake

Step 1: Begin Assembly

Picture of Begin Assembly
 Start with the 2 cross pieces (18" each of plastic pipe used here), the longer one is for the fishing rod (24" wood dowel).
Sizes don't have to be perfect, use whatever you have on hand.
-JMS-4 years ago
Not a tip up
Stanislaw5 years ago
Cool design!
diy_bloke7 years ago
'Kelvin' and 'ice fishing' that just can't be a coincidence.

Have done a lot of icefishing, but I think I left my rod when I moved back from Scandinavia. I may try this one
rusheggie (author)  diy_bloke7 years ago
SIRJAMES097 years ago
nice, complete, easy to carry, so why haven't you made a million $$$$$$$$$ off this yet? :-D

Just the kind of pole I like.....simple, easy to carry & light weight. :-)

TY for sharing.