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Picture of How To Make A Bootable Kali Linux USB With Persistence

How to make a bootable Kali Linux 2.0 USB with persistence. Persistence means that all the data changes that take place while you are using the system, they will be saved on the usb / pendrive that you Linux is in.

Reasons for using Live USB with Persistence are:

· You use all of your system resources eg. CPU, RAM, GPU, etc

·You take no space of your Hard Drive for it.

· You can take your OS to any PC you use.


1. Universal USB Installer :

2. Kali Linux Image :

3. MiniTool Partition Wizard :

Step 1: Watch The Video On How To Make The Persistence USB Or Follow The Steps

fjs3 years ago

Great tutorial. thanks! Q: whats the difference between ext3 and ext4? Also now Ive got the persistence folder but my configuration doesnt save. Am I doing something wrong?

Great tutorial! One question, what do I boot into the next time I startup? Keep booting into Live Persistent mode from the boot screen of Kali? Thanks

Thanks for the great tutorial!