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Picture of How To Clap Really Fast
Hi this is my first Instructable on how to clap really fast hope you enjoy!
You will need:
A pair of hands
This is a cool trick that is easy to learn and impressive when done to a good standard I'll see you on the first step!

Step 1: Where You Need To Clap

Picture of Where You Need To Clap
As shown in the picture, to clap fast you do not clap with your palms at the same level. You will need to clap on the lower area of your hand.
KennethT481 year ago

Hi! I’m an amateur clapper, and i have learned a way to clap twice as fast! While you do the process in the instructable, hit your lower palm with the heel of the hand while moving downward before you clap with the top of your hand. Hope this helped!

benmordecai2 years ago

Ben Mordecai disapproves of this as his mother thought he was fapping.


H_instruct (author) 5 years ago
Cool! Jazkhan
jaxkhan5 years ago
you mean this is really a recognised skill.!?! cool! at last .... something i may be good at. just use it to really annoy my kids when overexcited! britains got talent here i come ; ?. the world is my oyster!! ..................