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Picture of Hot Lemonade
I woke up this morning to realize that it is "cold & flu" season.  That means it's the season for Hot Lemonade.  When your throat is a bit sore and it'g getting hard to breath, something hot to drink will loosen things up and make things feel better.  You could make this with lemonade powder or frozen lemonade from the store, but this is how I make it.

Step 1:

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Last summer while the lemons were cheaper, I bought a lot of them (does 60 count as a lot) and squeezed the juice for Fresh Squeezed lemonade.  What we didn't use then, I poured in to ice cube trays and froze for "later".  Now is "later"  I put two cubes of lemon juice into a container to thaw.
*Warpz*1 year ago

Are you sure its tablespoons, won't that be sugary and sickly?

craftknowitall (author)  *Warpz*1 year ago

That is why I said sweeten to taste. Add one Tbsp, add hot water, stir, taste, decide if you need more or not. There are no Hot Lemonade police, so come and tell you that you added too little or too much. It is all up to you. Enjoy.

Do people drink this for fun too?

craftknowitall (author)  SkylandsNinja2 years ago

It's lemonade. Drink it when ever you want. I like it a lot.

craftknowitall (author)  SkylandsNinja2 years ago
It is just lemonade, made hot. so yes you can drink it fun too. I will really warm you up during the winter months. Enjoy and thanks for asking.
babyd663 years ago

Will this be ok for diabetics to use? We diabetics have to watch our glucose intake.

craftknowitall (author)  babyd663 years ago
This recipe has sugar in the simple syrup. As you know, diabetics should control how much sugar (glucose) they take into their systems. You are the one who has to make the decision on that because you are the one who has to live with the consequences. You can make a more diabetic friendly version by adding Stevia or xylatol, etc. in stead of sugar to your hot lemon water to make hot lemonade. Neither of these will spike your blood sugar. My grandmother drank a cup of hot lemon water (no sweetener at all) every morning of her adult life. That is another alternative. Thanks for asking.
Cool, thanks for the tips. Any idea on the shelf life of the simple syrup? Do you refrigerate it? I might just try this with some honey and cheap lemon juice by the bottle that I have here. Sounds good!
craftknowitall (author)  midsummermuse7 years ago
I have had it on my counter for 4 months and it is still fine. Refrigeration will let it keep longer. Honey is a lot of peoples favorites so go right ahead!
putty1cat7 years ago
Lovely! Add a dash of powdered ginger for an exotic kick.
craftknowitall (author)  putty1cat7 years ago
Ginger is good for stomache problems, so that would be a great addition if you have more than a head cold. Thanks for the suggestion.
Yeah it is fantastic for indigestion! I had terrible indigestion even when I drank nothing but water. Then I started drinking my water with a sprinkle of ginger powder on it. Now I wont drink water of juice without a bit of ginger powder. Completely cured my indigestion, I can sleep laying flat on my back with out acid reflux! Got my Dad drink it too for his indigestion. Possible long term benefits are for arthritis.
90mp117 years ago
Golden syrup adds a really dark aftertaste to this (kinda remeniscent of burnt sugar)...and you can also use lemon concentrate liquid (2 tsp or to taste)

I was suffering with Fresher's Flu for 3 weeks at the start of October and can attest that this really makes you feel a lot better...
craftknowitall (author)  90mp117 years ago
I had some golden syrup many years ago, and you are right, it's good. I like the lemon juice I squeezed myself. I will look for the lemon concentrate liquid next time I shop. It might be a Canada thing, like the Golden Syrup.
Uk...It's branded as "Jif" over here.
craftknowitall (author)  90mp117 years ago
Thanks for the correction. Have a good day!
scoochmaroo7 years ago
Yes, this is exactly what I need. I like to use honey instead of simple syrup, but I'm sure it's all the same!
craftknowitall (author)  scoochmaroo7 years ago
You're right! You make it fit you! I happen to have a jug of simple syrup and I have just enough Scotch in me (as my father would say) that I can't waste it. Enjoy!
reminds me of when my five year old sister made lemonade and used bi-carb soda to make it fizzy, but used just a bit to much..
That sounds good! I don't like tea, and this seems like a great substitute!
sunshiine7 years ago
Hmmmm hot lemonade just what I need! Thanks for sharing.