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Picture of Hot Glue Bubbles!

In this Instructable I will show how to make hot glue bubbles!!! The bubbles made are like the bubbles you get from the CD bubble project but with less hassle and simple tools! This is my first Instructable so be sure to leave feed back on how I can Improve them in the future! I haven't seen this method of making bubbles before! I hope you vote for me in the Hot Glue Contest!

Step 1: What you need...

Picture of What you need...

To make the hot glue bubbles you will need:
A Hot Glue Gun (With extra glue sticks if needed)


Wire cutters

And some wire!

SandyC1085 months ago
Hi I'm wondering if you have any idea how long they will last? Needing a tub full for Halloween prop. Thinking maybe I could spray them with a sealer of some sort?
Icy Squirrel6 months ago
I tried it, but couldn't get the glue to stay on the loop enough to fill the hole. I even tried dipping the loop into a pool of hot glue. Any tips?

This is sooooooo cool!

RaphaelT52 years ago


AWESOME I am totally trying this
Yonatan243 years ago

That is so cool! How did you think of doing this?

MuBoks Stuff (author)  Yonatan243 years ago

As many scientist do i found this by mistake whilst hot gluing some wires down an blowint t to cool it glue the an bubble formed and tem went on the try an replicate it with is whaere I am now

grannyjones4 years ago

How hot is the glue when you are blowing the bubble? I did not see safety glasses.

MuBoks Stuff (author)  grannyjones3 years ago

Sorry for not replying, the glue cools very quickly as its is so thin when the buble is being formed

BlueRobot4 years ago

Wow! Trying this right now... :D

MuBoks Stuff (author)  BlueRobot4 years ago

Brill be shore to tell me how they turned out!

pmoraga4 years ago
Great! first! Instructable!!! I! think! you! need! to! use! more! exclamation! marks! though!!! :D
nanaverm4 years ago

What are the properties of the hot glue bubbles, once cooled? I assume they would collapse under weight. Could they be suspended from a string? Thanks.

MuBoks Stuff (author)  nanaverm4 years ago

The Bubbles are cling film like and and will stick to glass hands etc. however when peeling off often the bubbles break and they go saggy. as for you question about the string It would probably work what i found i is if I left the bubble on the wand and tried to get an strand glue attached to the bubble and let it cool then use it to move the bubble around!

Could also use a small straw to blow into a glob of the melted glue.

MuBoks Stuff (author)  steve.marlin.5474 years ago

Yes I guess you probably could! If you try it be shore to tell me if it works!!!

smorgsborg4 years ago

Great first Instructable. I never knew you can make bubbles with hot glue. Definitely going to try doing this soon. :)

ty84474 years ago
Thank you for sharing this wonderful instructable
This is really cool. I never would have thought this is possible. Thanks for sharing.
chumbug344 years ago
awesome! can't wait to try.!!! ty
amberrayh4 years ago

This is awesome! I want to try it. Thanks for sharing!