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Step 7: The Whole Hole

Picture of The Whole Hole

Now that I'm being properly supervised by Lucifur and Fat Panda is lazing away in the pool staying cool, let's get back to the build.

The last big part of this project is the cooler. For this build, I snagged a 38-quart cooler with a handle and wheels. While I could have gotten a much larger one, I figured the smaller size would not only be just fine for our smaller dog house, but that the handle and wheels were an added bonus as I'd be able to move it easily, regardless of how much I filled it up.

Because we're going to be attaching the same dryer vent flanged wall connector we used on the side of the dog house, we'll just do the same series of steps we did for that part of the build, but this time repeating it on the lid of the cooler.

I used a Dremel to cut through the plastic of my cooler lid and because I was worried about it potentially cracking, I added a layer of tape to help protect it as I sliced through it.

Again, take the flanged wall side of the dryer connector, slice off the bottom half (just like before using your cutting wheel) and trace around the outer edge.

Using your traced line as a guide, carefully cut through your cooler lid. Again, like we experienced with the cutting of the flanged duct connectors, cutting through the plastic of the cooler lid will create tiny screaming hot bits of flying plastic. Be sensible about your safety and consider adding a face mask at this point as you'll also be generating a fair amount of plastic dust and nobody wants to breathe that in.

Make sure your flanged vent duct fits through the hole in the top of your cooler and snap it into place. If you're concerned it's a little loose or you just want to make sure it's extra tight, feel free to secure it in place with screws.

For added efficiency, I ran some caulk around the edge of the flange where it went through the cooler on both the top and the underside of the lid, just making sure it's fully adhered and airtight.

You should now have a cooler with a large hole in the top.

Let's cut another hole!