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Step 4: Hordor! Er...Vinyl Door!

Picture of Hordor! Er...Vinyl Door!

I also added in a viny dog door "curtain" to the build, and while I'm putting this here in this step, I will be honest and tell you that the door actually arrived a few days after I did this Instructables and was originally a part of my "future upgrades" section...but now that it's here, let's install it and just pretend it was here all along.
If you get your dog door before you do this project, you can install it after insulating the interior and prior to replacing the roof. The curtain will help hold in the cold air while still being see-through so the pups can keep an eye on us. The curtain I ordered is held on with just three screws that I drove directly through the insulation and into the wood of the house. I also added 3 washers to keep the screws from eventually stripping through the vinyl with continuous K-9 use.