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Step 3: Prepping the Inlet

To get the cool air from the cooler AC unit we're going to build into our Dog House, we're going to need to do a little renovating.

For this part of the build, we will be using the flanged piece of the dryer connectors (the wall side). The second piece, the straight tube piece, will be connected to the dryer hose later. The dryer hose side fits into the flanged side and holds tight.

Because the wall of my dog house is much thinner than the overall length of my duct connector, I cut off the bottom half using the cutting wheel of my Dremel (WEAR SAFETY GLASSES AND APPROPRIATE CLOTHING! THIS PROCESS WILL FLING HOT MELTED BITS OF PLASTIC EVERYWHERE AND TRUST ME, THEY HURT! DO NOT DO THIS PART IN SHORTS...TAKE MY WORD FOR IT).

Slicing off the bottom half of the flanged piece made it almost exactly the same depth as the dog house wall and insulation combined. To clean up the extra plastic burrs that occur as you slice through the plastic with your Dremel, swap out your cutting blade for a sanding barrel and grind those off. Again, safety first. Wear your safety glasses.

I then traced around the outer edge of the duct connector, marking out where I wanted the duct to enter the dog house. Because cool air falls and warm air rises, I wanted the duct to enter the top of the house where it would cool the hotter air trapped in the top before falling down to chill the bottom of the house.

Once my guide was traced onto the side of my house, it was time to cut it out. I pre-drilled some holes using my Dremel and drill bit (okay, I got carried away and drilled a LOT of holes, but it was so satisfying, I couldn't stop.)

Then, using my keyhole saw, I cut out a circle that was a hair smaller than the size of the dryer vent. At this point, using a tiny keyhole saw to cut through thick cedar wood under a hot sun in 90F weather, I started really questioning my life choices and decided for the remainder of the tutorial to use my Dremel.

Existential crisis aside and hole finally cut, it was time to fit the flanged wall duct into the Hot Dog House. Because the hole I cut was just a hair smaller than the actual duct, it made the fit snug and tight when I shoved it in.