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Picture of Homemade Pier/Bridge Landing Net  (Fishing)

After struggling to net catfish off of the side of fishing piers and bulkheads at low tide with a pole net, I decided to take a stab at a pier net.

I also wanted something that was lightweight and portable, as I often go fishing with just a rod and everything else in a backpack.

It also needed to be inexpensive.

Step 1: Parts/Materials

Picture of Parts/Materials

So the parts list from Home Depot is as follows:


(1) 10 foot length of 1/2" PEX tubing (flexible tubing for hot water radiant floor heating systems) - $3.27

(1) PEX coupler fitting - $1.39

(2) stainless steel clamps - $1.88


I had some kind of 3/4" x 3/4" plastic mesh deer or bird fence netting in the garage. It was thin, light, very flexible and strong. The openings in the netting need to be large enough to feed the PEX tubing through.

4" zip ties

Hoisting rope

3/8" diamond braided poly rope


(3) Nite Ize "S" type plastic carabiners

(1) spring link

I have also seen this done with an old bicycle wheel rim...
Do you know who made the frist bike rim fish net
Was this the frist drop net made
Did the net you saw made with the bike rim did you ask him how he got that idea
freeagenteluter1968 made it!3 months ago
Im the frist person to make the bike rim fishing net looking for the man who had it made
Who was the frist to make a drop fish net
SchuylerD21 year ago

is it possible to "collapse" it so that you could fit it in a bucket? I'm not experienced w/ pex that's been coupled in a loop like that

Bace13842 years ago

I like how the the rope and netting actually held a fish of the pier/jetty

Jobar0073 years ago

I'm curious at to the strength of the netting and how much force is needed to deform the pex tubing. If you get that new Personal Best catfish, do you think you can trust this net to hoist it up the pier? It seems flimsy to me, but I've not handled the finished product.