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Picture of Hello world of Parallel programming in Ubuntu with OpenMP


Hope you are having a nice day and continue so. In my second instructables, I would like to share a little titbits i had learned in ubuntu. I would like to share about basic of parallel programming in ubuntu.. Any comments or feedbacks throughout this instructable is appreciated. Stay tuned and follow this instructable..LET'S GO!!!

Step 1: Open Terminal

Picture of Open Terminal

Let's get started, shall we?.First and foremost, we must open the terminal in ubuntu. as shown in image

Nostoc4 years ago

Why do you run pico as root?

halim930112 (author)  Nostoc4 years ago
Well, i am a bit more familiar using pico.. i tried using vim but i got confused :( can also use gedit text editor and many others but basic principle is the same

I think the question is not why you are running pico, but rather why you are running it as root. Why are you running it as root?

Usually there is no need to use sudo (running a program as root) to start your text editor, as long as you aren't editing system files. Just write pico (or whatever editor you use). You should not run programs as root unless you really have to. And most often not even then

halim930112 (author)  neliason4 years ago

I am sorry for my lack of knowledge.. I guess I did not study smart enough.. I will make sure that these mistakes would not occur next time. Thank you very much for the comments and knowledge. With your explanation, I will try to improve myself and my instructables. ;)

No worries mate! I hope I didn't come across as hostile. English is not my native language =) Common enough newbie mistake, the sudo-thingie, though. Best to help it not spread ;) Keep up the good work!