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Picture of Harry Potter Fans! Quidditch Beer Pong!
Hi everyone!

I recently saw a segment on a college website about some students having a Harry Potter costume party where they made a "Quidditch Beer Pong" game. Now, that being said; I too have created a Quidditch pong game (it was actually about a year or so ago). Anyways not to toot my own horn or anything but i thought mine was a little more...creative and had more of a Potter feel to it. So here it is.

Step 1: Items Needed to Build

Picture of Items Needed to Build
1. A 6ft folding banquet table: This can be found pretty much anywhere. I bought mine for about $34 at WalMart.
2. A sheet of Plywood: Approximately 1/4" thick and about 3' x 6' (or close to the size of the table)
3. Six 1/4" to 1/2" Dowel rods. These will serve as the poles for the Goal rings.
4. PVC tubing: Approximately 3 and 3/4" wide. (I based it on the opening of a disposable Solo cup typically used in beer pong)
5. Mini Beach Ball: You can usually find these at a pool supply store or even target once they get there pool/ beach supplies.
6. Small Craft Bells: I found these at Michaels and serve as an indication sound for when someone scores a point.
7. Fishing Line: You can really use any sort of "springy" string.
8. Shot glasses: these will serve as the snitch.
9. Pins or Command hooks: Used to mount the bludger to the ceiling.
10. Ping Pong Balls: Quaffles!
11. 2 Empty paper towel rolls: These will serve at Bats for the beaters.

sdrew25 years ago
I am truly speechless. Everything about this is great, especially the rules & how it relates to the movie as the golden snitch would immediately end the game. Amazing!
Hahaha! Clever idea :)