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Picture of Handmade Offroad Buggy (UTV)
Ekran Görüntüsü (2).png

I am a junior student at Turkey. After i learned Solidworks and 3d sketching methods, i started to planning it by myself. I got really helpful tips from the qualified work-mans when i get stuck and they handled the most of the building work like welding, cutting etc.. After really hard working effort, our first prototype was ready, of course with some deficient parts...

Mostly inspired from Chris Kraft's awesome creations, a.k.a 'Rather B welding' on youtube. Specially GS500 is my favorite.Thank you him from here for giving me ideas.

Chris's GS500 buggy :

For the test drive :

Step 1: Assembling the Ready Parts

Picture of Assembling the Ready Parts

First step was buying parts that we can't build with high efficiency. We bought the parts of Lx200 ATV vehicle (wheels, suspension, brake system, top and bottom swings, hubs, rods, etc.)

The second step was assembling the parts that we bought in order to design that we had planned as seen in the picture. After assembling, we realized that the shaft of the ATV wasn't rigid enough as we wanted, then we strengthen the shaft with shrink fit technique.

This turned out real nice! It sort of reminds me of the old Honda Oddyssey from the 1970's and 80's. Those were lots of fun, so I'll bet yours is too!
haha, cheers
Dumbphone1 month ago
Amazing job on a beauty of a buggy.
yeetbruder2 months ago
gnarly, mate
awesome project
Luke19064 months ago
could you share what parts you used and the estimated budget.
mertnalb (author)  Luke19064 months ago
Mostly used LX200 ATV vehicle perts (wheels, suspension, brake system, top and bottom swings, hubs, rods, etc.).
Luke1906 mertnalb4 months ago
Thanks a million!
Luke19064 months ago
can you attach the solid works file
fred18965 months ago
can i have a go? :D
billbillt6 months ago
yeh what he said i agree. i always used to use sketchup and programs like that but u can't beat solidworks :D

It was a massive change when i upgraded ;)
Makerneer5 months ago
That looks fun to drive!
HuseynS15 months ago
Çok güzel sevdim! Bol Şans)))
ssiron5 months ago
I built one similar except I used a Comet torque converter/variable speed clutch and a f/w reverse transmission. The bad news the transmission is no longer available. You designed an interesting project.
mertnalb (author)  ssiron5 months ago
Thank you for the good comment! We also had a similar experience, my gearbox was cracked last month. But fortunately it was in the warranty cover. Was the reason of your gearbox cracking is, ball bearing? Because mine was it is.
ssiron mertnalb5 months ago
What kind of transmission. Mine is still working, but since it's older having a source for a replacement is a good resource. They're getting scarce in the US
mertnalb (author)  ssiron5 months ago
This is mine;

What type of transmission do you have?
Now I want to make one
mertnalb (author)  grahamgamer24475 months ago
You can write/ask me for anything
Don Barthel5 months ago
At first I thought that the combined engine and rear wheels platform, separately sprung, was a brilliant idea. Until I remembered the concept of unsprung weight:

For good road handling, one wants as much of the weight of the vehicle sprung as possible.

mertnalb (author)  Don Barthel5 months ago
Thank you for this brilliant comment Don! We started this project by focusing mostly on the off road issues like can it climb the hill? Or how much torque we should arrange? Actually the speed of buggy was at background just a little, so we never had problem of weight unsprung parts of the buggy. The max speed of the vehicle is not fast enough to be concerned. But i will definitely consider your advice in my future projects !!
KS20046 months ago
Wow! that is cool
mertnalb (author)  KS20045 months ago
Thank you !!
kcmccready6 months ago
Great project! I am interested in your DCT and 1:1 reverse. Can you share brands and/or from where you sourced the parts? I am using a similar 13hp Honda clone, not interested in using a 40-series torque converter. A DCT and reverse would fit quite nicely in my project.
mertnalb (author)  kcmccready5 months ago
Thanks for your interest and good comments. I don't know what are you expecting from your project. Speed or torque? But if you want both i strongly recommend you to use a torque conventer or a multi-forward gear, because the speed will not satisfy you with the engine you have. My goal was high torque and i didn't use any gear system also we did increase the torque by decreasing the speed, with gears connections. Also you can write/ask me for anything.

I bought the parts at a local shop which in Turkey. You can see in the links.
That turned out great and looks like it would be fun to drive :)
mertnalb (author)  Penolopy Bulnick6 months ago
Thank you so much !!