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Handmade Electric Guitar: the Pallet Flying V - a Zero Budget Build

Picture of Handmade Electric Guitar: The Pallet Flying V - A Zero Budget Build

In my almost 25 years of playing guitar I have never owned a flying V, so I decided to make one. I bought a cheap second hand Acoustic Solutions stratocaster copy to use as a donor guitar for the neck and hardware and by selling the parts of the donor guitar I didn't need I attempted to complete this build for a zero budget.

To see how I got along, read on. I have also produced a build video for this project with some actual footage of me playing the guitar quite badly which you can view at the end of this instructable.

Step 1: Stripping The Donor Guitar

Picture of Stripping The Donor Guitar

First step was to remove all the parts I needed from the donor guitar. This was the neck, the pickups, pickup selector switch, volume and tone pots, bridge, the rear cover plate, and the strap buttons. Basically everything apart from the wooden body and the pickguard.

Of vital importance at this stage was to take a measurement from where the neck meets the body to the bridge. This distance needed to be duplicated on the new guitar as accurately as possible to keep the scale length the same, otherwise the frets wouldn't line up with the real physical positions of the notes on the strings and the guitar would sound perpetually out of tune.

Bart8 made it!1 year ago

Here's my version i made completely from scratch a couple years ago.

JP'sW (author)  Bart81 year ago

Thats a stunning build! Is it a through neck?

Bart81 year ago

hay I made that same guitar myself Only I made the neck also. Its a one piece though body neck with some inlay work of my own design and my own head stock but the body is Flying V I gave it the Black and white Randy Rhoads paint job Ill have to do an instructable on it

EToft1 year ago
I have little interest in guitar in general, but that first pic of your daughter is so funny I read the whole thing. it is an excellent ible.
Swansong1 year ago

That's awesome! Keep playing with your daughter, those are some of my favorite memories :)