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DIY Halloween Skull Candle Props (Super easy to make!).00_00_00_00.Still001.jpg

It's mid-September here in Texas and we are full swing with Halloween prep for next month! These realistic-looking Skull Candle props have been on our list for a while so we're happy to check off another awesome DIY Halloween prop that is super simple and fun to make!

This project is really easy. All you need is a plastic skull prop, some candles, some wood stain, super glue, and a bit of creativity! Whether you want some really fun interior Halloween decor or you're looking to level up your outdoor Halloween decorations, this project will definitely get you there!!

We recommend watching the video above and following along with the written steps!

Step 1: Staining the Skull

Picture of Staining the Skull
DIY Halloween Skull Candle Props (Super easy to make!).00_00_04_21.Still003.jpg
DIY Halloween Skull Candle Props (Super easy to make!).00_00_15_19.Still004.jpg
DIY Halloween Skull Candle Props (Super easy to make!).00_00_10_09.Still006.jpg

Our first step is to stain the plastic skull, which is going to give it a grungier and more uneven texture. This helps to make it look scarier and a bit more realistic.

To do this, we use a dark-colored wood stain and spread it very liberally all over the skull. We make sure to mix it well and use some protective gloves when we do this part to protect our skin. It's important to apply lots of the stain so it gets into all the little cracks and crevasses.

After about ten minutes, we use a clean rag and wipe off the majority of the stain. We don't do this perfectly evenly though, as we want to leave some sporadic darker spots to give it a more uneven texture.

Let the wood stain dry for at least 24 hours before proceeding!

When you use this oil-based stain on wood, it penetrates into the wood fibers and takes about 24 hours to dry. In our case, the skull is plastic so there is nowhere for the stain to go so it rests on the surface and takes even longer. Give it at least a full day, potentially two days depending on your climate.

gwlinn1234 days ago
Thanks a lot for your idea. I was looking for a Halloween decoration that essentially replaces my two garage lites. Here, a garage lite timer would turn-on the lites. I need a way to light the candles without using a flame and wax candle.

I ordered some 3 X 6 's LED candles from amazon that look like they have an embedded timer and remote. Some are more expensive than others. My plan is to dissect the candles so that I only need to provide a DC power supply to them when the garage lite timer says "ON". No other timer, no remote, is needed.

There are lots of AC to DC converters that should be able to power the LED candles. The main unknown is how to attach the candle to the skull since it is not wax. Not too worried about this yet.

Halloween has ALWAYS since I can remember been my favorite holiday of the year !! This was too cool, and superb job to you both !!
WickedMakers (author)  GAMER FREAK5 days ago
Ours too! It's the best time of the year. :)

Thanks for reading!
AnandM546 days ago
Really horror impressive!
WickedMakers (author)  AnandM546 days ago
Thanks very much! :)
These are fantastic!
WickedMakers (author)  Penolopy Bulnick6 days ago
Thank you!! :)
seamster7 days ago
Looks easy enough and super creepy. Nice work guys!
WickedMakers (author)  seamster6 days ago
Thanks! :D Yeah, they really aren't difficult to make at all.