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Picture of Halloween Pallet Fence

This was my first big pallet project. I am by no means a carpenter so the idea was a bit daunting. The main reason I was determined to take on this project was to provide a safe walkway for kids to take up to our door on Halloween night. The previous year I had little ones run across the lawn (even though I had tried to rope off the area). My biggest fear was that someone could trip on a extension cord or a decoration and get hurt.

So the collecting of pallets began.

Step 1:

Picture of

Now locating pallets is not as easy as it sounds. Pallet projects have become very popular so you have to be the early bird to get them. I started at the local Hardware locations and asked if they had free pallets that I could pick up. They stated that they put used ones at the back for people to pick up (but they get snatched up quick).

They use them for delivery at most large stores so I was able to ask around to see the best places to get them and finally started my collection.

Krafteegrl1 year ago

I LOVE your spirit (no pun intended). You have the greatest Halloween ideas! Thank you for your posts!

Not only did you do a great job on the fence, you have the perfect house for all the other stuff you did. KJ

PCaron4 (author)  Kink Jarfold1 year ago

Thank you!!! It was a pretty big undertaking, though now I think I am need to make a few more lengths for this coming season!! LOL!! And yes our 112 year old house definitely works well for my Halloween obsession!!! :)

Fantastic! Jealous of your house too!
PCaron4 (author)  bryans workshop1 year ago

It was fun project! And thank you for the love on our house!!! :)

That looks great, perfect house for it!